Sanctum 2 Preview!

Recently I got my hands on a preview of the PC version of Sanctum 2 by developers Coffee Stain Studios and sat down some hours to play through it. Sanctum 2 offers a first-person, tower defense experience in which you control one of four classes and defeat hordes of alien monsters. The game is played in rounds and features the common “build your fortress” architecture you would see in most games of it’s type. As you finish levels and challenges, you gain experience points that level up your profile and give you access to more weapons and structure types.

The overall pace of the game is very fast which forces you to think quickly and aim well to stop yourself from getting overrun by the hordes that approach at the beginning of each round. Though the pacing and concepts of the game are pretty good, I found the game ridden with bugs and a reticle that made the game kind of uncomfortable to play. If the camera was zoomed out just a bit more and the frames were more responsive, combat would be a much more enjoyable experience. The level tiling all seemed extremely similar with minor tweaks to differentiate each level but overall the only difference I would see was in the level layout.


Luckily the game is in its early phases so hopefully these issues should be fixed by its release and they’ll pay more attention to map detail. The game can be enjoyed with up to 4 players online which I guess will increase in difficulty as more players are added. With updated features and continuous innovative DLC, I can see this game becoming very addictive.


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Glyne Gittens

Glyne Gittens