Knack, This Little Guy Is Made Of 5000 Crystals

PlayStation has a next generation mascot and this little guy can grow. Knack was created by a, yet to be named, scientist in a world where humans and Goblins lived together peacefully up until a time where Goblins started to pick up arms. Knack, playing hero, has a mission to discover how they got them. Knack has a ton of potential on his own; Game Informer revealed that he can add up to 5000 crystals that he is compiled of to grow up to 30 feet tall. The same force that allows him to add crystals to his anatomy grants him the opportunity to shape shift, altering his capabilities to fit the situation. Mark Cerny’s Knack is a mixture of platforming and fighting; early gameplay shows a heavy shockwave melee being used by Knack. To unlock more moves the player has to collect Sunstones.

It’s great to see platformers still being embraced by PlayStation, being the huge Ratchet and Clank fan that I am. I expect that we’ll see R&C on PS4 to coincide with its movie which is coming in 2015. Knack will be a PS4 launch title. Check out the trailer here.

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Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown

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