Sony’s Stock Rises As Xbox One Disappoints

Following the lackluster reveal of the new Xbox One console, Sony’s stocks rose sharply showing that investors are sticking behind PS4 as the next-generation consoles look to hit the marketplace. The Xbox One unveiling focused primarily on the inter-connectivity the device offers with multimedia and gaming. Microsoft often emphasized the “clutter” of your living room devices, however, we didn’t see anything exciting in regards to what gamers want — games. Technology is a key focus of any game developer’s projections for their title, with 8GBs of RAM (likely DDR3), an 8-core CPU, and most importantly a Blu-Ray drive there is space for creativity. Probably the most significantly announced feature of the Xbox One is the fact that it supports Blu-Ray, giving its games more room to breathe as apposed to the claustrophobic storage capability of DVD-DL. Investors have also taken note that Sony will be earning royalties from the included technology within the new Xbox, stocks are currently up 8.63% as of the time of this article.


Source: Finance Yahoo


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