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E3 2013 | Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

This year I have to say, although Nintendo did not have an E3 conference, this was a very successful E3. Many games stuck out to me from Nintendo this E3 while my wallet was crying, and one of those games was Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

In Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, the two famous brothers go on yet another adventure. Nintendo describes this adventure as a “hilarious action RPG” that brings together the Pi’illo Island, a resort like place, with Luigi’s imagination.

Just as in all of our imaginations anything can happen, anything can happen in this game. In this game you will spawn hundreds of Luigis, which will mold into different forms, poke, trickle and move a sleeping Luigi on the lower screen to influence the dream world on the upper screen, and control two worlds by switching between Mario and Luigi.

Screenshots, official boxart, and an E3 trailer can all be found below. To keep updated on Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, keep it tuned into Dual Pixels.

3DS_Mario&L4_scrn06_E3 3DS_Mario&L4_scrn05_E3 3DS_Mario&L4_scrn04_E3
3DS_Mario&L4_scrn02_E3 3DS_Mario&L4_scrn01_E3 3DS_Mario&L4_scrn15_E3 3DS_Mario&L4_scrn14_E3 3DS_Mario&L4_scrn13_E3 3DS_Mario&L4_scrn12_E3 3DS_Mario&L4_scrn11_E3 3DS_Mario&L4_scrn10_E3 3DS_Mario&L4_scrn09_E3 3DS_Mario&L4_scrn08_E3 3DS_Mario&L4_scrn07_E3

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