Hideo Kojima Reviews Summer Blockbuster, Pacific Rim

There’s a big summer blockbuster you may or may not have heard about. It involves big, larger-than-life robots fighting even bigger aliens across the battlegrounds of entire cities.

Pacific Rim, one of the biggest summer blockbusters of 2013, released on July 12 2013. Directed by Guillermo Del Toro, the movie follows a massive battle for Earth from monstrous aliens traveling through to the earth from a portal at bottom of the Pacific Ocean.


The movie has received great reviews. But has been struggling in the box office. At least, the box office here in America. Having seen the movie, it is an incredible, memorable movie that deserves to be seen! But if you are on the fence about it, the word of a legendary game director should be enough to encourage you to see it. In this case, Director/producer of the Metal Gear franchise, Hideo Kojima. According to Kotaku, Hideo Kojima tweeted about his early screening of Pacific Rim. This is what he had to say.


Dear twitter friends, The followings are my comment regarding “Pacific Rim”. Luckily I was allowed to tweet in public by WB.

I have never imagined that I would be fortunate enough to see a film like this in my life.

The emotional rush I had inside me was the same kind I had when I felt the outer space via “2001: A Space Odyssey” and….


  1. and when I had touched the dinosaur in “Jurassic Park”. Animation and special effects movies and shows that I loved in my childhood days –

    they all truly exist in the screen. Director Guillermo del Toro offers this spectacular vision of massive kaijus and robots in PACIFIC RIM.

    1. This film is not simply a film to be respected, but most importantly, it let us dream the future of entertainment movies.


      The rest can be found here.  Hideo Kojima’s tweet

It is incredibly fitting for his reception of this movie as he, and his chief artist Yoji Suinkawa, are very proficient in giant robots. As this writer has played just about every game in the series, Hideo, Yoji, and the rest of the MGS team have created advanced, fearsome mechanical weapons. The Shagohod, The Peacewalker, Metal Gear Rex, and Metal Gear Ray are such examples. These battle weapons, each with their own unique attack capabilities, share the common mission: To launch a devastating nuclear weapon from anywhere in the world. In addition, the emotional story-telling revolves around these weapons in a tale of love, war, freedom, power, and independence.

To add to this celebration, an exclusive poster from Regal Cinemas was released. It featured one of the iconic robots from the movie, artistically recreated from Yoji Shinkawa. As the movie shares some gaming influence, I was encouraged to see it and have to say, it was absolutely incredible! You should really see this!

Has anyone out there seen it? Let Dual Pixels know in the comments. Also check out the Pacific rim trailer as well as Kotaku’s coverage

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