Bioshock Infinite DLC Announced

Following on last month’s tease and yesterday’s tweets, Irrational Games has fulfilled its promise and announced the details of the DLC for Bioshock Infinite.


The first pack of DLC is Clash of the Clouds. Clash of the Clouds is a series combat focused challenges taking place in the flying city of Colombia, the setting of the game. THrough multiple, unique stage, players will overcome increasingly sophisticated challenges. Also included is the Colombia Archaeological Society, an in-game museum that players can walk through to observe the many findings of Bioshock Infinite such as the story, lore, background, and developer notes on how the game was made. There are new trophies/achievements and leaderboards as well. Clash of the Clouds IS AVAILABLE TODAY!


The most ambitious of this DLC lies in the two part series, “Burial at Sea.” This DLC finds players returning to the infamous city of Rapture, the haunting, devastating underwater utopia of the first game. However, it sees the protagonists of Infinite, Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth Shaw, in two entirely different roles. In addition, the game is set in 1958.  before the fall of Rapture and Jack’s arrival.  More details were uncovered in-depth by IGN. Players will play as Booker once more but also, play as Elizabeth. Elizabeth. While Elizabeth is non-combative, she will be capable of setting up traps for her enemies using her special powers. The developers have described her experience as survival-horror.  While there have been adjustments made, this will be a unique, dynamic experience in Bioshock. Despite the differences of Colombia and Rapture, such as Vigors and plasmids, the developers have developed a way for it to work together without compromising the integrity of either game. No exact release date was given but it is promised to be out before March of 2014.


Having just literally played Bioshock Infinite, I find the DLC news exciting but a tad bit underwhelming, especially in regards to the incredibly dynamic ending. The game was incredible with its genetic manipulation combat, diverse foes,  and visual presentation. Chief amongst the game is the story. The story and absolute complexity to the story makes it both incredibly memorable and surprisingly, a cerebral mind bender.  While it seems strange that Booker and Elizabeth are in seemingly different roles, it does make complete sense. Why? You have to play the game to find out.

Ultimately, I trust that the Irrational Games know what they are doing to perhaps generate more conclusive elements to Infinite. How about you readers? Did you play Bioshock Infinite or the other previous game? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.


IGN’s coverage can be found if clicked here.


Clash in the Clouds trailer can be seen here, brought to you by Eurogamer


Burial at Sea DLC trailer can also be seen here.


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