Bioshock Infinite DLC Announcement Imminent!


According to a recent tweet from the game’s creative director, something exciting is coming really soon! And it is, potentially, related to Bioshock Infinite.


Bioshock Infinite, one of this year’s most celebrated games, may have more adventures to explore soon. According to a recent tweet by Ken Levine, Irrational Game’s co-founder and art director, something exciting is coming tomorrow, July 30th. He tweeted earlier this morning, ” Excited for tomorrow. @IGLEvine.” Several minutes later, he tweeted “Check the internets tuesday at around 8AM est to see what I’m up to tomw. Hopefully, it won’t involve a perp walk. @IGLevine.”


So there you have it. The Art Director to one of the most memorable games of this generation is teasing something for tomorrow at 8a EST (East Coast) It can be just about anything as it doesn’t directly point to Bioshock. However, recent news suggests that this is most likely DLC for Bioshock Infinite. In June, Irrational Games announced that news of DLC is coming at the end of July. We are, in fact, two short days from the end of July. Ken also tweeted around that time about DLC, stating he was working on it but emphasizing that these things take time. The game does feature a season pass for the DLC content, three big pieces of content in total.

I personally just bought and finished Bioshock Infinite last week. There is simply not a word or words to describe what kind of an experience it is, how incredible a game it is, or its potent impact on games, the industry,and players like myself. It is an absolute masterpiece on part with an Oscar winning film or grammy winning artist. It is a game that holds and strikes you with its story, settings, and art. It i a game that captivates you with its array of combat and exploration, immersing you in a world of Gilded Age fantasy. It is a game that, while a bit onfusing and controversial, is bold, raw,and not afraid to be itself . Simply put, if you play games, YOU MUST play this.


We’ll see what happens in the morning.


You can check and follow Ken Levin of Irrational Game’s here at, Ken Levine twitter.



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