Rise of the Triad Launches, Bringing Ludicrous FPS Mayhem to PC

“Rise of the Triad, the hot new remake of one of history’s most ludicrously gory shooters, is now available via digital distributors. Published by Apogee Software and developed by Interceptor Entertainment, Rise of the Triad is the fastest, over-the-toppiest, old-schoolest shooter of this generation. Get it now for just $14.99 on SteamGOG.comGreen Man GamingGamersgate, and the Apogee store.

Whether you’re looking to experience the biting realism of Dog Mode, out-of-this-world weapons like the Excalibat, the mind-altering Shrooms Mode, all sorts of zany humor, rocket jumping, loads of secrets or… well… all sorts of other incredible features, Rise of the Triad is the game for you.

As one of the five members of the elite High Risk United Nations Task Force, you are trapped on an island overtaken by the crazed cultists of the Triad plotting on world domination. Blast your way to freedom and leave nothing but chunky gibs and fear in your path. Enjoy Rise of the Triad’s single-player campaign or dive into multiplayer across platforms (i.e. Steam and GOG.com players can blast each other), then extend the experience with the easy-to-use editor and extensive mod support, coming soon.

Check out the trailer:


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Gabriel Olivero

Gabriel Olivero

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