A Link Between Worlds, Wind Waker HD: New Nintendo Direct Videos

In today’s Nintendo Direct, Iwata gave updates and release windows for the upcoming Wind Waker HD, and A Link Between Worlds, the 3DS successor to A Link To The Past. Iwata revealed the title logo of the next 3DS Zelda game, and made special mention of the reverse-triforce logo, pointing out that Link would have to travel between this world, and a darker world.

In a Miiverse post, developer Aonuma writes, “The presence of two worlds like light and dark have been a recurring theme in Zelda games in the past, and this time, a kingdom exists in the other world in the way Hyrule exists in the main world. The story will revolve around the events that will unfold in that kingdom, and I think you’ll have fun experiencing the game’s distinctive world that is like no other in the series.”


A Link Between Worlds is set to release this November.

Iwata also touched on Wind Waker HD. Wind Waker HD is more than just an HD remake. In the video below, Iwata specifically mentions that they have adjusted sailing times, simplified certain Wind Waker commands, and revised the Act III collection chapter of the 2003 GameCube release. Wind Waker HD is releasing for Wii U this October. When originally announced, it was announced as a way for the in-house Wii U developers to better understand how to build a Zelda game for Wii U in preparation for an all new Zelda console adventure, currently in development.

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Daniel Vogt

Daniel Vogt