Arc Squadron Review: “DO A BARREL ROLL” on the go!

If one can fondly remember video games in the 90’s, then it is easy to remember the various space shooting games that were released during that time. Among them was the titular classic, StarFox, developed by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES. Featuring three dimensional visuals, excellent sound and addicting gameplay, StarFox catapulted the genre to soaring heights. However, over the year, the genre has fallen rather silent, replaced by shooters and post-apocalyptic games. Though, thanks to the rise of mobile game, the genre is seeing a form of a comeback. The app leading the way is Arc Squadron, developed by Psyonix games studios. It proves to be an absolute blast!

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                Arc Squadron is, effectively, StarFox on the go. Deep in space, a vicious race known as “The Guardians,” are ravaging the known universe, destroying planets and eliminating life forms.  As an elite pilot in the ARC Squadron, you embark on a quest to eliminate The Guardians and save the galaxy. You’ll travel to various world and dangerous parts of space, eliminating foes and engaging in massive boss fights along the way.

Arc Squadron was designed with a very simple one-touch control scheme that works incredible well. By placing you finger on the screen, you easily navigate the enemies and obstacles you encounter. As your targeting reticule highlights them, your ship automatically open firs. If you swipe left or right, you do the very famous barrel role. If you double tap, you fire your secondary weapon.

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                The game starts off simple but soon evolves to be more challenging. The enemies get tougher and the boss fights become more intense. As you progress, you earn credits and can upgrade your space craft to become more powerful. It I important to replay levels to earn more upgrade. Though, the game does feature a micro transaction system if you are really stuck.  Powered by the UNREAL engine, the depths of space move with fluid animation and bright colors. Enemies come in waves and in all different shapes. Dynamic lighting and textures pop out to the player. The game also features a thumping soundtrack that hits the right moments. It is recommended to play this game using headphones.


The Verdict

Arc Squadron is a phenomenal, compelling app with great gameplay, beautiful visuals, and plenty of depth. For just a few dollars, you can have a sharp dose of rail-shooting Starfox-like fun while on the go!

Score: 4/5



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