Lightning Returns Two New Costumes Revealed

Lightning has to have the most wardrobe compared to every other video game character, 2 new costumes have been revealed for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. By ordering the game through HMV and Lawson in Japan you get 2 new weapon types with the 2 new costumes.

The First costume is the Vajra Bodhisattva – the armor of a wise ruler who honored the heavens and loved his nation, and stuck to the ways of benevolence in a world of wars. The weapon that comes with this costume is called Treasury Palace which is a spear and shield.



The next costume the Fushikaden outfit – said to allow Lightning to fight as though in a graceful dance, the flowers of a turbulent time fly as you battle in a noble woman’s armor. The name of the weapon is called Direct Heart Shadow. No word on if the costumes will be arriving with the US release, we will have more information as Lightning Return: Final Fantasy XIII sets to release Q1 2014.


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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

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