Hands-On With Revolution 60

How many people would love an easy to play strategy action game that is mobile and keeps your interest for more then a week? Well if you do Giant Spacekat has the perfect sci-fi futuristic space odessy journey for you. Titled Revolution 60 you will be trancended to another world in a femme fetale atmosphere filled with action, strategy and a storyline that will leave you intrigued.



I played story mode which moved along well, each interaction introduced different scenarios which made for quick time events. The touch screens controls were easy in comparison to other handheld mobile games which makes it highly addictive. Having touch screen controls that actually work made game play smooth and refreshingly precise for a iOS  game. The combat plays similar to that of a turn based rpg but however there is more emphasis on movement around the battlefield. On the battlefield your given choices to move to any 3 spaces adjacent to you. While having your needle gun you can attack. Post the attack there is a waiting period in order to cool the timer. However, between waiting you can still move avoiding you enemies attack.


The needle gun is not you only means of attack. Flashy super moves ensue as you get closer to your enemies. With each passing level the more damage you can inflict. These special moves are handled with quick time event which are done using the touch screen. One thing that can improve is the difficulty, it could be more challenging. Modifications can be improved to speed up the battles and get you thinking more. Easily Revolution 60 can be played with one hand if you have a commute on public transportation and the battles could be done in minutes for quick bursts of play . Since revolution 60 is releasing Q4 2013 on iOS, here’s hoping to more combat modes on final release and more time for polishing. Also check out Giant Spacekat Kickstarter to get the game developed on PC/Mac.

Giant Spacekat Kickstarter

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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

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