Quick Look At Betrayer

This weekend I sat down and played a preview alpha for Black Powder Games’ ” Betrayer.” When I started playing I really had no idea what to expect and the rest of the play through  didn’t change much of how I felt. Betrayer takes place in a Virginia settlement in 1604 where your ship crash landed. You were sent to Virginia to help some colonies but somehow your ship was sabotaged and your adventure starts as you wake up from the incident.


Black Powder put’s you in a black and white world where only certain things have a red tinge to them like your weapon, interactive items or the mysterious girl that seems to be helping you through your travels. As you explore, the world begins to unravel and you begin to find several small clues telling you what happened to this world. The exploration is truly open, it came to a point where I could either explore a village or just keep walking a path to any other destination. Deciding  to explore the desolate town, I found several small clues and a link to the contact to the spirits of those lost in the once populated settlement.

The enemies in the game are the sub-human remains of Spanish soldiers that are referred to as “More Beast than Men.” You use a myriad of  ‘primitive’ weapons like a bow and arrow, dagger, tomahawk, and muskets in order to take down your foes. If you’re into exploration PC titles this is a game you should keep your eye on.


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Glyne Gittens

Glyne Gittens