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If you’ve followed the 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3 Facebook page or were at PAX, you’ve must have come across the Mighty No.9. The Mighty No.9 is a passion project from the legendary Keji Inafune and his super team Comcept. Two years ago Keji left Capcom because he felt his creativity was being restricted. This and a number of other reasons led to the cancellation of the highly anticipated Mega Man Legends 3. When the cancellation was announced many fans and Keji expressed their distress about the recent murder of the blue bomber. It seemed that Mega Man no longer had a future at Capcom with several other games being cancelled.

But out from the ashes of our fallen idol Keji  and Comcept rose up with a solution to this problem. A hero, and game that would be the successor to the blue bomber we’ve all come to love, and cherish in our lives. Enter the Mighty No.9, a side scrolling adventure that has a taste of that old school euphoria we all love, with a hint of new school elements we’ve come to adore. The Mighty No.9 shows promise in succeeding the Mega Man franchise with the hero Beck at the forefront.


We all know though that creating a robot boy who has a hand canon the size of a grown mans chest isn’t cheap or easy. But that’s where we all come together to make something special. Keji and Comcept have opened a KickStarter page for the new bomber to get him off the moon. Here you can not only pledge a donation to aid the development of Beck and receive some cool bonuses such as original concept art from Keji himself. But also collaborate with other gamers/designers in sharing and creating ideas; and critiquing the ones the games developers themselves have come up with.

Mighty No.9 promises to be something special as it brings us all together to create a game we want.

Support Mighty No.9 at

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Gabriel Olivero

Gabriel Olivero

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