Sony Promising ” The news we’ve all been waiting for” Tomorrow.

After a Summer of stellar announcements, new developments, and increasing excitement, how can things possibly get better for Sony and the PlayStation brand? Well, none of us know right now but we’ll find that answer out tomorrow.


Various news sites, including PlayStation fan site, The Sixth Axis, are reporting that a big new announcement is coming forth from Sony. According to a released press statement and a teased image, Sony is gearing up for a huge moment to precede Tokyo Game Show (TGS) in Tokyo, Japan. The image was secured off of a Chinese press site and therefore, can’t be identified. But it is strongly possible this could be, at least, information regarding Sony’s “dark magic” gaming project, The Last Guardian. The game, while incredibly anticipated, has been locked in a troubled development cycle for several years. It was once promised to be released on the PlayStation 3. There is also the strong possibility for more games to be unveiled, including a rumored Uncharted game. This announcement will occur during a pre-TGS press conference.


While Sony has had an incredible amount of success at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, trumping its competition in the process,  TGS is the most important for the company and its brand as its roots trace directly back to Japan.  PlayStation is incredibly popular in the country as it is known to back up many promising Eastern-based titles, such as RPG’s. Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid and Shadow of the Colossus are just some examples. For those and many reasons alone, PlayStation has earned its dedicated, legendary community.

As a die-hard PlayStation fan, I absolutely have no idea as to what this could be. I’ve been following PlayStation ever since I got my first system, the PSone, in 1995. And with that, even a tease like this instills ambition and anticipation. I can only speculate. The Last Guardian news is very likely along with a new Uncharted game. I would really like their to be some more classics coming back, regardless if they are fully rebooted or just remastered. I wanted to see another installment of Colony Wars, G-Police, Spyro and Crash Bandicoot to return in glory, and Syphon Filter. Even HD remasters of PSP classics like Resistance: Retribution, Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception, and the Syphon Filter games to return.


We’ll find out first thing tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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