Killer Is Dead Review: Style Over Substance

One word that sums up Killer Is Dead is Style . It oozes with it but Grasshopper Manufacture (SUDA51) just doesn’t keep the momentum to bring it all in . You play as Mondo Zappa an executioner trying to take down the deadliest criminals  and fighting his own personal demons. While the story doesn’t seem to be Killer is Dead’s strong point, you do meet a few likable characters along the way. Introductory cut-scenes leading into  missions are very well done and set up the mood, each mission includes a different back story setting up all the events leading up to why your going there, you do meet some weird people and their motives.


Many of the areas throughout the game are stunning, the art style does lend a lot to the wow factor of Killer Is Dead. As you travel through many different environments, including city streets, wonderland, and even the moon, yeah they look different though none of them feel as dynamic as they should. Every-time you enter a new mission it feels like a barren waste land, not much interaction besides fighting with enemies, which all seemed very generic on their own right, they could have been designed better and have more variety.


Now boss battles I was actually impressed with the way some of them turned out, especially the battle were the camera switches to the first person view of the boss looking at you, while you’re trying to run towards them to give off a few deadly blows. It made them feel different each time since each of them has something different going for them.  As you progress you can later upgrade your skills with the katana, your main way to attack or you cannon shot using Mondo’s cybernetic arm which takes blood to shoot, blood can be collected from killing enemies or found throughout the areas, some of the abilities are not necessary for you to run through the game .While the game is pretty, its real basic at its core I felt that it was to easy at times. You can get away with mashing the main attack button or by doing these easy to do one hit kill option using the blood you collect from enemies which leads into quick time events.  Other weapons can be obtained by playing through mini-games, in particular this mini game has you going out on a date with one of Mondo’s girls. You win by being a pervert and focus your eyes  in places while the girl is not looking to charm her up a bit , then you have to buy her presents to keep her attention. I thought it was real cheesy and just laughed at the entire concept, you can also participate in challenges which consist of  killing a certain number of enemies or collecting items.
For having such a significant look, I kinda wanted the menus to look more in tune with the game, everything looks real basic and makes the game look cheaper than what it really is. Technically speaking Killer is Dead runs decently besides some screen tearing, there’s occasional slow down which can hinder you in dodging moves. One thing I also enjoyed was the music it’s a combination of lounge music , jazz, and some rock . I thought all of it felt right in place with Killer is Dead style.

Style is not everything Killer is Dead proves this. It’s fun for the first hours then Killer is Dead got repetitive half way in and I wasn’t having much fun . While boss battles kept things interesting they were too far between. If you have played Suda51’s pass offerings you are right at home with Killer is Dead. Action fans should expect an average game with a bizarre B movie themes, and some gorgeous visuals.



+Art style , Gorgeous looking game
+ Bosses

– could get repetitive real fast
– slowdown and screen tearing
– cheap menus

Publisher(s):Xseed Games

Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture(SUDA51)

Platform(s): PS3, Xbox 360

Price(s): PS3 $59.99,  Xbox 360 $59.99

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