Sony on The Last Guardian: ” We are waiting to re-introduce it.”

If you’re among the PlayStation faithful, you do recall plenty of stories regarding video games that have been announced but have frequently gone under the radar. Games like Gran Turismo 5, Rockstar’s Agent, and several dozen have either had troubled development or have gone deep into development obscurity.  Some get so deep that they never come back but some make it like Gran Turismo 5 and Alpha Protocol.

Perhaps, no other game has had more dreams crushed and brought up again than “The Last Guardian” the former Team Ico’s fabled title.  Since its announcement in 2009, the game has gone through a myriad of development complications and other conscription’s, including the departure of senior level staff.  The reasons to which are unknown to us, even now. However, there is still hope for those who yearn to play this title.

In an interview with GameInformer Magazine at the 2013, Tokyo Game Show, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida, the President of Sony’s Worldwide studios, revealed that the game is still very much in development and that they’re waiting for the right time to “reintroduce the title.”

As one can clearly see, there is a lot of shifting and transformation underway in the PlayStation Nation. The PS Vita, Vita TV, PlayStation 4, and the continuation of PlayStation 3 are all very big happenings at PlayStation. Being that the game was announced 4 years ago, with a 6 year development cycle, it is proper that Sony will reintroduce it. This new generation of gaming systems will usher in a new audience and reshape existing ones. Reintroducing such a fabled title will bring this game into a new light. Whatever it is remains to be seen. Let’s hope that something well comes from all this.


Interview can be found here

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