Killzone Shadow Fall Gets Season Pass And New Trailer

Killzone: Shadow Fall launches with the release of PS4 in just over a month. It’s amazing to think in 2009 I was playing Killzone 2, yet it only feels like a couple months ago. Post launch support is confirmed with the announcement of Killzone Shadow Fall’s season pass for £15.99/$19.99. Significantly, in addition to expansions to the competitive multiplayer, there will be a horde-like co-op game mode featuring arena maps where you’ll fight waves of enemies. Check out the details below along with a new competitive multiplayer trailer.

Killzone-Shadow-Fall-Season-Pass-1 copy

Online co-op expansion pack
Focusing on team play and intense combat, the online co-op expansion pack adds a new co-operative game mode in which you and up to three online friends must survive against impossible odds. Fight waves upon waves of enemies in four new arena maps, featuring a unique leveling system and new unlocks.


Three online co-op map packs
Each map pack consists of two brand-new arena maps you can play in co-op mode with your friends. Please note that these arena maps will only work with the online co-op expansion pack.


Two additional multiplayer expansion packs
We’ll reveal more about these additional multiplayer expansion packs when Killzone Shadow Fall’s launch date nears. Suffice to say they’ll offer many hours of additional multiplayer thrills!

But that’s not all – if you get your Season Pass for day one of Killzone Shadow Fall, you will also receive access to an exclusive OWL combat drone skin and a unique Multiplayer Spotlight move. Take advantage of this excellent value deal to maximize your online experience!

Thanks – PS Blog

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