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PlayStation 3 exclusive content for Batman: AO Gets a trailer.

No gamer shall soon forget the earth-shattering press conference by Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony PlayStation at this past summer’s E3 2013.  In the midst of the earth-shattering was the revealing of  footage from Batman: Arkham Origins. The third installment in the highly critically acclaimed video game series, Batman Arkham Origins is set several years before the events of 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum.


Following the reveal, Son’y announced that two exclusive skins would be released for the PlayStation release of Arkham Origins. The first is the 1960’s classic Batman skin. The iconic skin is based off the cooky, comic-book inspired show Batman show starring Adam West. This show is more pointed out over the use of the famous visual text during the action such as ” POOOOWWW” and ” BOOOOFFFF!!!!!!!!! The next one is the special Knightfall Batman, a darker, more sinster skin.

Today, a trailer was released for these skins and fortunately, it is a lot more then just a few skins. The exclusive DLC also includes five specially-developed maps where you can put your caped crusader skills to the test. According to Playstation.blog, where the trailer was unveiled, there will be 3 combat maps, two stealth maps, and an all new challenge campaign.


Check out the rocking trailer below.


As you wait for Arkham Origins, I’d highly recommend firing up Netflix and watching the Classic Batman Movie along with Justice League and Batman Beyond. Gotta love reliving the 90’s. And kind of the 60’s, especially that those visual texts!

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