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Soul Sacrifice Delta TGS 2013 Trailer

Soul Sacrifice had a lot of potential when it was released, but lacked in certain areas. The option to choose wether to Sacrifice or Save NPC’s really felt like it carried no weight. With the addition of a new faction called Grima you can now choose to do nothing when place in those types of situations. Choosing to standby will allow the fates to intervene and decided the outcome.

Soul Sacrifice Delta will also have improvements made to the magic system. Certain spells can now be combined to enhance their effects. Weapons that have no elemental Attributes can now be infused with elemental effects, making them more deadly.

Source: Polygon

Soul Sacrifice Delta right now is a upcoming Japan only update to Soul Sacrifice. But I’m pretty sure we will see an overseas release in the coming months.

Check out this extensive trailer of Soul Sacrifice Delta below.

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