Xbox Fitness Pass, Your Newest Non-Gaming Subscription Service

Xbox One has games, NFL, Cablevision, and even fitness coming to the platform. Xbox Fitness Pass will bring a famous personal trainer to your living room. In an age where folks like Fox News can’t help but to blast video games for promoting a sedentary lifestyle you may now have one less reason to not stay in shape if you’re purchasing an Xbox One. But there’s a catch. Microsoft has revealed on Xbox Fitness Pass which offers you the chance to workout with visual guidance from Jillian Michaels, Tracey Anderson, 90x and even Insanity as long as you’re a Xbox Live Gold member. With the newest Kinect sensor your workout is supplemented by key data such as your pulse, muscle map and energy levels; make sure you finish those sets with force!


Introducing the future of fitness. Experience the world’s best workouts with instant, personalized feedback, right in your home on Xbox Fitness. Train with Jillian Michaels, Tracy Anderson, P90X, Insanity and more. Optimize every workout with immediate feedback on your form, power and heart rate with the all new Kinect, featuring Muscle Mapping, Power Gauge, and Pulse. Plus, feed your motivation with social challenges. Unlimited access is yours with an Xbox Live Gold membership through November 2014. Only on Xbox One.*


Xbox Fitness Pass will be free to all Xbox Live Gold members until November 2014 where users who would like to continue using the service will incur another subscription.


Check it out here: (videos should be available soon)

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