FPS Games Began With Insurgency, Beta Impressions

Let me begin by saying this: if you’ve longed for an FPS that doesn’t compromise strategy and skill for introductory purposes Insurgency is the game for you. I began playing first person shooters with Call of Duty 2 and since then the FPS genre has evolved into a mainstream phenomenon that’s as easy to get into as it is easy to be frustrated with. As a tactical shooter in 2013 it doesn’t take much for you to standout. By default you’re pretty much set apart of competing titles in the genre. The barebones, gimmick and perk free gameplay of Insurgency is the essence of the game. Although I’m not the biggest avid PC gamer, I can see Insurgency capturing a cult following because of what it holds true in pride. I admit it took me a while to get used to, but once I got in the mix walking out of match with a positive KDR was a synch.


Insurgency is a multiplayer only FPS experience that is coming to Steam in 2014. Being a community driven title, the Insurgency devs consolidate all feedback from you guys to create an even better game while it currently maintains its beta status. Since most of my friends play games on consoles I’ve been a loner during my time with Insurgency; but this does feel like the shooter you’d want to play with friends. My matches consisted of a capture and hold objective mode akin to a Call of Duty domination match where I’d often find myself killing teammates in the beginning. That’s right, it’s no place for noobs. Friendly fire, is one of the many things that adds to the realism of Insurgency, therefore you have to be thoughtful of the way your allies proceed. As an aggressive player I identify with assault rifles and iron sights; the kickback from these weapons are accurate to their true nature. Winning in Insurgency’s competitive objective mode is based on neutralizing spawn waves or capturing all objectives. You’re granted your typical variety of weapons in Insurgency which are balanced with a weight based weapon system.


Insurgency runs on the Source engine and is a home that welcomes mods created by the community. When the title releases in 2014 it will feature 8 multiplayer maps, 4 competitive game modes, 20 weapons and 2 co-op modes.


Check it out here: Play Insurgency

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