The Last Of Us DLC Revealed, Barely

Today Season Pass holders of The Last of Us finally have gotten information on what DLC they’ll be receiving over the next couple months. The first of three DLC expansions include 4 multiplayer maps, Suburbs, Bus Depot, Hometown, and Bookstore, influenced by dust-storms, wildlife/overgrowth, eerie night time, and a destroyed multilayered bookstore respectively. This competitive multiplayer expansion launches October 15th. The next in TLOU’s multiplayer lineup includes single player DLC which is being captured now, and won’t be released until December or January. Finally, a third expansion is multiplayer focused and will release during the first half of 2014.

Anyone who purchased the Season Pass for TLOU should be thoroughly disappointing with today’s announcement. It’s nearly October and to finally receive content for a game you paid $80 for in June isn’t satisfactory. Not only is DLC not complete but users who did purchase only receive 60 exclusive head gear items as a way to cope for their months of waiting. Nevertheless, enjoy.


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Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown

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