The Sunday Afternoon Experience | Madden NFL 25 Review

25 years have gone by. In these 25 years the Soviet Union and Communism fell, Gay marriage has been legalized in parts of the United States of America, but the most notable thing you already know. Madden NFL 25 was released.

Madden NFL 25 is a great addition to the Madden series. It all feels like a Sunday Afternoon football game. Improvements in both graphics and performance off of last years, already great, Madden NFL 13 make this game not only a very enjoyable football gaming experience, but also a very enjoyable gaming experience overall. Infinity Engine 2 physics were changed, and for the better. The players look more realistic than in the past and tackles look different. Madden NFL 25 took out the comical falls of the players. I used to feel that when players fell to the ground or tripped they looked foolish at times. Without it, the game starts to feel like a real life NFL broadcast after a while. Maneuvers that professional football players make in real life such as dives and spins have been both expanded and improved. I noticed these improvements while playing running back.


All game modes from last years Madden NFL 13 are here to stay this time around, plus a little more. Last year you could play as a coach or as a player, but Madden NFL 25 lets you take control of your team’s finances, stadium, and staff in Owner Mode. To put it in a simple way, it is like being a coach who decides how much the stadium sells jerseys and french fries for. You can now move your team to new  cities. Owner mode is just some of the extensive fun you will have in this game. To add to this Sunday Afternoon experience, Phil Simms and Jim Nantz give great commentary. Now this may be just be, like the rest of sports games I get sick of hearing their voices.

You can tell EA Sports had ‘Make Madden NFL 25 Look Like Real Football’ at the top of their checklist. I really appreciate the game and the work that was poured into it. The game shines on a technology aspect, and the experience proves it to be true. I recommend you buy this game as a returning costumer, or as an interested consumer.

Dual Pixels awards Madden NFL 25 a 4/5


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