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Video games are some of the most highly costing works of production in this 21st century society where we are surely more entertained than we are informed. With a marketing and production budget that exceeded $250 million, Grand Theft Auto V is far from being just play, it’s serious business. The series’ legacy casts it with parallels to modern-day society, in the satirical “hate to look at yourself in the mirror kind of way”, and that’s the greatness of Grand Theft Auto. This time, it is nothing short of that very essence which makes GTAV so real, but also epic fiction.


Our three suspects are Trevor, Franklin, and Michael. These two, Trevor and Michael, have a lasting legacy of criminal mastery but share personalities that are dramatically different; with that comes conflict. Franklin on the other hand represents an endearing perception of an African-American male who is fed up with mediocrity that comes with life in the streets. In his surrounding environment, he struggles with dogmatic black folk such as his best friend Lamar and aunt who believe there is no honest way out the hood; but you might be illuminati if you manage to. Michael becomes a mentor of sorts when he encounters Franklin, the two then hit it off with a string of tactical robberies that seemed like a draft combine for their biggest hit yet. Michael’s lack of nobility in his acquired former wealth leads to confrontation with his corrupt FIB (*cough* FBI*) past, and his hillbilly counterpart Trevor.


GTAV’s sub themes are just as important as the game’s main characters. The vast Los Santos is filled with many of the USA and society’s ideologies, from our culture to our utter ignorance. Whether you’re asserting your constitutional right to own a gun at Ammunation or fleeing 6 stars worth of cops in a stolen supercar GTAV is worth every “Weazel Newsly” moment. There’s a cliche I stumbled upon a couple of weeks ago: “I watch comedy for my news and news for my comedy”. Weazel News is probably the first time I’ve contracted that statement; this programming, available in your FM radio assortment assures you that Lifehacker (aka Facebook) isn’t selling your data and the government would NEVER lie to you (they’re 150% sure of this). I have to hand it to Rockstar, Los Santos is an extremely accurate depiction of southern Cali and LA; the forests, mountains, and oceans (especially the water) are awesome. The GTAV radio, by the way, is a great listen when you’re on your way to the next heist. Original sounds from A$AP Rocky, Fergie, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar and more are on cue. I’m a fan of the hip-hop, pop, and old school stations.


Heists are probably the core of the GTAV experience. These tactical operations are criminal, but rewarding — yes they pay great. These deeply manifested robberies of jewelry stores, and banks will have you searching for money clips upon completion. During the heists you’ll select supporting company that rank up for their efforts — assuming they survive –this includes drivers (who are carrying the cash/jewels or transporting the crew), gunmen, and hackers. The better the individual, the more they’ll cut into your payout. After Franklin and Michael managed to sleep gas a jeweler and make off with millions in gemstones you can’t blame me for getting ideas. By the graces of all that is good, I hope I don’t end up in prison facing felony charges thanks to GTA, boy…Fox News would sure get a kick out of that.


That money will come in handy when you consider all the recreational activities at your disposal. Why not purchase a business? Invest in stocks? Pimp-a-ride? Perhaps, blow it all at the strip club? There’s still options even when you’re not playing story missions. Trevor, Franklin, and Michael also have markers on the massive open map that direct you to “freaks” and odd missions/gigs you may consider looking into.


The basic infrastructure of GTAV carries over to the work-in-progress Grand Theft Auto Online. Rockstar’s primitive GTA MMO isn’t deserving of a very hash critique considering the massive scale of the map and the millions that have crashed the servers in attempt to play online. GTA Online incorporates some single player personalities such as Lamar and Lester who’ll give you missions along with several others. My most highly anticipated GTA Online feature, heists, are not yet available.michael-gtav-gun
Grand Theft Auto V is not perfect, but it’s a gritty parody of our everyday lives. There’s plenty to do even after you’ve completed the story mode, especially when you factor in GTA Online’s ever-expanding world. The production of GTAV exceeds most blockbuster movies in not only budget but clever satirical representation of our society.


Dual Pixels awards Grand Theft Auto V a 5/5.

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