PlayStation’s Jeff Rubenstein Joins The Xbox Team

PlayStation’s former social media manager, Jeff Rubenstein, has left Sony’s team and joined Xbox. It’s been about a year since Jeff’s departure from the PlayStation blog, where he left behind over 5,000 blog posts, and 10K tweets; he was formally reintroduced to the gaming community by Xbox’s Major Nelson. [Jeff pictured on the left wearing the God of War shirt]

I’m beyond thrilled to be joining the Xbox team at such an exciting time for the industry. During the interview process, I was taken with how passionate and positive everyone is about gaming, and in how highly they value customer opinion. Especially important to my decision to join the team is the way Microsoft has demonstrated a willingness to listen to the community – and act on what it hears – quite clearly as of late.

I’m also hoping they’ll let me play Titanfall.

Little known fact: I’ve actually known Larry since he helped me on a story I wrote for the Orlando Sentinel back in 2007. We’ve stayed in contact ever since, and his vision on using social media to interact with gamers has been a key influence on my career. Joining Major Nelson’s team is an awesome opportunity, and I look forward to working closely with you all. See you soon!

It’s good to see Jeff Rubenstein back to work. Check him out on Twitter.

Source: Major Nelson

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