A Possible Fix For Xbox One Disc Drive Issues?

I am a Xbox One owner, an owner who isn’t quite happy with the launch of Xbox One. As a last min decision I decided to bite the bullet despite my preference for the PS4 and buy a Xbox One. There were many reasons why I didn’t immediately decide to purchase Xbox One but we’ll save that for another article. Unfortunately, I was one of the lucky ones who experienced the DOA disc drive malfunction that rendered all content via Blu-Ray or CD useless. Because Dual Pixels is a neutral and fair gaming content publication we cover all consoles equally despite our personal preferences; I felt it was necessary that I confirm that these disc problems are indeed very real.

In speaking to IGN, Microsoft said: “We know that with a hardware launch of this magnitude customers will have questions and we have many avenues for customers to get the answers they need and get back in the game as soon as possible”.

Personally, I didn’t bother contacting Microsoft because was the merchant I purchased it from. They took the blame in this case and rewarded me $60 in credit along with a free Day One Xbox One controller since the replacement console they sent out is the standard edition. Thankfully I have been able to play Forza 5 in the meantime due to Amazon’s credit which I spent on the digital copy of the game. A demonstration of the disc drive problem can be seen below. Warning, it sounds like a MTAR-X shooting my poor Dragonball Z Kai disc though no visual damage occurred.

And then: Ironically, I was recording the video demonstration of the reported Xbox One disc drive situation something amazing happened, it works! While organizing my game cases I happened to sit my Xbox One vertically (disc drive nearest to surface) and after an insertion or two it now reads both Blu-Ray and CD discs. I believe the problem is rushed manufacturing and poor alignment of the tray, this leads me to believing any launch Xbox One console is subject to the same issue. To be on the safe side I am still exchanging my Xbox One with the replacement console Amazon shipped but if you’re currently in the same situation I am in, it’s worth a try.

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Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown

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