The Order: 1886 Releases Fall 2014

PlayStation 4’s launch exclusive lineup was weak, but people didn’t purchase it because of the exclusive games just yet, they purchased with their eyes on its potential. The Order 1886, developed by Santa Monica Studios, is looking like a possible heavy hitter for Sony’s camp following a mysterious E3 2013 debut. The Order 1886 is a retro-futuristic third person shooter involving a beast/human breed of man who wage war against the order of knights in an industrial revolution centered alternate history. The Order’s plot is sort of reminiscent of the Resistance series however it is a third person action game.


Tim Moss essentially confirmed The Order 1886 releasing next Fall in response to Ready At Dawn Studio founder Andrea Pessino who developed the engine that actually runs this game.

Excited yet? Check out the E3 trailer if you missed it before.

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