Resistance Trilogy online modes to Ride off into the Sunset (Shutdown)

It’s a sad day for gamers that played the Resistance Games. Announced Yesterday, Sony Computer Entertainment America officially confirmed that the online modes for the entire Resistance Trilogy will go offline on March 28, 2014. Yep. One of the biggest features of the games ,for a trilogy that helped establish the PlayStation 3 as a competitive system, will be then and forever disabled in about four short months, never to be turned on ever again. The other titles going off into the sunset include M.A.G (Massive Action Game) and SOCOM 4, developed by the now defunct Zipper Interactive, along with SOCOM: Confrontation from Slant 6 studios. Finally, all online functionality to Gran Turismo 5, developed by Polyphony Digital,  is going down as well.

It is bad news on all fronts, the worst of it being those that play M.A.G and the SOCOM games. While SOCOM 4 has a good single player portion, Confrontation and M.A.G are entirely online, turning them into dust-collecting paper weights with no resale value. They have significantly big online communities but apparently, not big enough for the servers to keep running. Gran Turismo 5, with its absolutely insane amount of depth, can do just fine as a single player only game, especially with Gran Turismo 6 out now.  But, for me, most heartbreaking is the Resistance Trilogy. It had some of the most memorable gaming experience for PlayStation gamers and was a great start to a fantastic generation of PlayStation Nation.

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     The Resistance Trilogy was developed by Insomniac Games Studios and started in 2006 with Resistance: Fall of Man. During this time, the Sony PlayStation released the PlayStation 3 to a crippling launch. With a handful of titles, a $600 price tag, and a variety of other issue, the PS3 was in a very bad state, with some officials really questioning if it would make survive. To make matters worse, in 2007, the Xbox 360 was dominating the market, with a trifecta of Gears of War, Halo 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. 

     Resistance Fall of Man got the steam going and proved the system’s relevance during that trying year. Featuring a bold, alternate history presentation, fantastic weapon designs, a vicious, intelligent enemy, and a bold story, the first game garnered a solid audience. In 2008, Resistance 2 was released to stellar and critical acclaim. Featuring 8-person co-op, 32 vs 32 online multiplayer, and a full-fledged single player, the game was a big hit, despite some questionable design choices with the story, lack of a weapon wheel, and lack of vehicular portions.

We would see Resistance: Retribution on the PSP, a fantastic portable game with great qualities and even an “infect mode” with Resistance 2. We wouldn’t see another Resistance game til 2011, with Resistance 3. The game was everything fans would ever hope for. While there were no vehicular portions, the game had one of the strongest single players that year, with plenty of feeling and narrative giving the sense of hope in an entirely hopeless situation. The weapons were great, the presentation was incredible, and the gameplay fun as always. The multiplayer was incredible and even featured a DLC pack from old-fashioned, hardcore metal band, Mastodon. It was critically successful and while the sales numbers were lower than desired, it still sold well. Part of the blame lies in the parties responsible for marketing and advertisement.  To be fair, the game was nodded to in the Sony Pictures scif-fi action flick, Battle for L.A. Sadly, whether due to other projects or the sales, Insomniac Games announced that they were done with the franchise. It’s unknown if we’ll ever see a Resistance 4 on PlayStation 4 but it is this die hard fan to say that yes, we need it to comeback!

For any trophy hunters out there, some notes. The first game has no trophies. The second game does have online trophies so you have until March to conquer the game online. And the third game features all single player trophies.


It’s time to stand, rise, and resist one more time and kick some Chimeran ass!The trilogy is incredibly affordable right now as well. Go get ’em !!!!!

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