Gundam Breaker PS Vita Review

Minutes, hours, days, months, years go by, and not a single “serious” Gundam game is released outside of Japan and Asia. So recently I decided to import one Gundam game that intrigued me a bit. The game I’m talking about is the PS3, and PS Vita game, Gundam Breaker; and yes you break Gundams.

But this being a Japanese game there is a language barrier that I can’t surpass. So sadly I cannot talk about the plot behind Gundam Breaker. But the language barrier wasn’t that hard to overcome in the gameplay department. So this review is focused solely on gameplay. I’ve been informed by japanese speakers that the plot isn’t something to write home about.

So what is the gameplay like in Gundam Breaker? Well it’s a hack and slash styled game very similar to Gundam Musou.  The whole concept behind Gundam Breaker came from one of the series most recent anime/manga, Gundam Build Fighters. In the anime, kids and adults build their own Mobile Suits called Gunpla and battle it out. Gunpla are toy models made up of stock parts, or parts from other model kits. It’s a huge hobby in Japan, and you can probably propose to a girl with a model kit, if she loves Gundam.

To build your dream Gunpla you need parts just like in the show. These parts may be obtained either through purchasing them, or through vicious toy combat!. But, it’s not just singles combat like in the show. Instead you embark on missions with an accompanying ally Gunpla(s) majority of the time.


Missions vary from taking out objectives, to battling giant boss Gunpla(s). and when you complete said missions, you’re rewarded with parts. Gundam Breaker has a similar feel to Monster Hunter with just a touch of Dynasty Warriors combat, for speed and progression. You’re constantly grinding to get better parts, and to level up. But it is not as difficult or very time-consuming like Monster Hunter.

Parts vary from regular grade parts all the way to perfect grade. The grade effects the level requirement, stats that part gives, and the quality of that part’s design. You can customize the head, torso, jetpack, arms, legs, modules, paint, and weapons of your Gunpla. Which contribute to your overall stats, and what your Gunpla is able to do in combat. The paint jobs just add an aesthetic touch to your Gunpla, further making it your idealized mech.

The customization alone can evoke a lot of intrigue and curiosity, since you can make any possible combination that comes to mind. I spent several hours at a time making tons of different Gunpla until I finally made my Picasso.


You can also  check out, compare, and go on missions with other players via the multiplayer feature included in Gundam Breaker. This is where Gundam Breaker truly shines. Having three more players helps speed up the grind fest, ease the tension of getting swarmed by AI’s, and who doesn’t love tons of lasers being fired all over the screen, and boy do those lasers look fantastic.

The PS Vitas AMOLED screen brings to life the vibrant colors, hues, depth, and finer details, such as rust on your Gunpla. The soundtrack and audio isn’t half bad either. Swords, sabers, guns, lasers, jetpacks, movements, all sound exactly as they do in the Gundam series. With an accompanying soundtrack that makes you feel like you’re really piloting a Mobile Suit from the anime. I had constant moments where I said to myself ” I could picture Amuro Ray flying to this”.


But, be that as it may, Gundam Breaker’s does have few things that bring the experience down. Sure you can customize endless Gunpla, show them off your friends, and battle swarms enemies. But what good is that if you can’t really test your skills against other battle hardened players.

It would be spectacular if I could take my perfect Gunpla and put it against another players Gunpla, and see who reigns supreme. Sadly there is no PVP option at this time available in Gundam Breaker. Which is  a mind  boggling development decision in the overall life span of Gundam Breaker. Even with the promise of future DLC. Battling swarms of AI’s will, and does become repetitive when they’re based off the Dynasty Warriors AI formula

Gundam Breaker is still a Gundam fans summer vacation destination regardless of the aforementioned fact. With near endless customization possibilities, fantastic visuals, and addictive, but eventually repetitive gameplay. Gundam Breaker still comes out on top as one of the most entertaining, and hardcore Gundam games I’ve ever played. Hopefully the development team will consider releasing PVP. But only time will tell as more Newtypes are awakened in 2014.


3.0 out 5

+ Customization Options

+Awesome Visuals

+ Online Co-op

– Repetitive Gameplay

– No PVP



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