Why The Xbox One Can Defeat The PlayStation 4

I would like to start this piece by saying that I own both a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. I enjoy both very much and I am happy I decided to get both. After playing with both consoles for the past one month+ I have noticed some pretty big differences between the two consoles. The Xbox One controller has vibrating triggers that help make games feel more realistic, which the PlayStation 4 lacks. The PlayStation 4 has a touchpad that adds easy access to functions in games such as Killzone: Shadow Fall, and the Xbox One does not have this. Yet the most notable difference between the two consoles is that the PlayStation 4 has better textures and graphics than the Xbox One.

Give me a moment to expand on the graphical difference between the two. Games on the PlayStation 4 look amazing. Games on the Xbox One look amazing too, just not as amazing. For games that both consoles run at 1080p, I can’t notice any big variance except for maybe the Xbox One version looking less saturated. What I do notice is the games that run on both consoles, but at a higher resolution on the PlayStation 4. Call of Duty on PlayStation 4 and Call of Duty on Xbox One look very different. The same goes for Battlefield 4. The PlayStation 4 version of the games, especially Battlefield, looks sharper. The PlayStation 4 is $400 USD, while on the other hand the Xbox One is a whopping $500 USD. So you, the reader, are probably thinking right now “If the PlayStation 4 is better and more cheap than the Xbox One how can the Xbox One possibly beat it?” Well, here is the answer.

One. All-in-one. The Xbox One really is an all-in-one device and that was the incentive for me to buy it. I often find myself annoyed from having to use my desktop for one thing, then my laptop for another, then my Wii U to play this game, then my PlayStation 4 for that game, then my TV to watch this thing, then Hulu to watch that thing, then Netflix to watch those shows, then (please save me) my phone to Skype my friend, then my desktop to stream games. The Xbox One can take that drag-on sentence and make it three words. All-in-one.

Right now Microsoft is campaigning the Xbox One as that device, but not as well as they could be. The current ads may include these different functions, such as the spot where a woman switches the TV straight to the dashboard and starts playing Dead Rising 3, but they don’t yet include a reason to spend $500. Now say they had a commercial with someone using their PC to stream games from another console (Wii U maybe), then had a Skype call with their friend, and after went and played an Xbox 360 game. After playing the 360, the person would then be torn to watch a sports game on TV or continue playing. But not anymore. The Xbox One will save you both money and compromise. No longer will you have to spend money on capture cards and streaming software. No longer will you have to video chat on your phone. No longer will you have to play video games, then watch the game, then play games again. You can do it all on Xbox One.

I have a friend, who used to lean more towards Sony than Microsoft. He often said it was because PlayStation was higher quality and had superior hardware. He got an Xbox One. The reason for John (lets call my friend John) making this decision is because he avoided spending $200 on a decent capture card and, while doing so, combined everything he would want to do with technology into one piece of hardware. Now I know that John is just one person, but if the common consumer thinks the same way, Xbox One sales could go way up. Can PlayStation 4 watch TV? No. Can PlayStation 4 connect external devices to itself via HDMI? No. Can PlayStation 4 handle the Xbox One?

That is up to Microsoft. So far PlayStation 4 has more than handled the Xbox One. These next twelve months will make or break the reputation of the Xbox One. If Microsoft can campaign this right, it will give consumers a reason to choose the Xbox One. Holiday 2015 is going to mean a lot to this generation, and to the future of Microsoft. As you can see it’s very possible to campaign the console with a higher price tag as a console that will save you money and make your life simpler. The Xbox One has the potential to beat the PlayStation 4. Round one of the battle was global sales to this date. Sony has sold 4.2 million PlayStation 4s, Microsoft has sold over 3 million Xbox Ones. Sony may have won the battle, but will they win the war?

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Alexander Maier

Alexander Maier

My name is Alexander and I am a News Editor, Opinion Writer, and Nintendo/Sony Analyst here at Dual Pixels. When I write news articles, I write the news and nothing more. When I write opinion pieces, I share my opinion and try to make you, the reader, think. I have an Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, PC, and PlayStation Vita. My favourite genres are RTS, RPG, and Adventure.


  1. Izzybarn
    January 10, 2014 at 2:43 AM — Reply

    I have been thinking the exact same thing. People keep talking about how the PS4 is for hardcore gamers. If being for hardcore gamers means not even having a youtube app, then I don’t see how that is a benefit. It seems like a PS4 is just a PS3 with better graphics. The XB1, on the other hand, has nothing that keeps it from satisfying hardcore gamers, and also offers so much more.

    It would be like having two brands of race cars, both having the same performance, but one has a radio. Saying that adding the feature of a radio makes the car worse for hardcore drivers is like saying the XB1 isn’t for hardcore gamers because you can watch TV, surf the web, download apps, and control it with your voice while playing games.

    • Jim
      January 10, 2014 at 11:11 AM — Reply

      More like two brands of race car, one goes faster but the other has a radio. I know what I’d choose.

    • James Gamer
      January 10, 2014 at 12:57 PM — Reply

      Except that one race car is proven to be faster with better handling, plus race car drivers don’t listen to the hits while they race.

      One won’t beat the Four because the features that supposedly make it better are nothing but gimmicks. The masses see this and the sales results speak testament to this fact.

    • GHOSTBEAST1000
      January 10, 2014 at 1:31 PM — Reply

      You don’t need a youtube app if you can use youtube

    • Quikbeam1
      January 10, 2014 at 1:50 PM — Reply

      except they dont actually do the same thing, the PS4 has better graphics and better performance. Even the article states that, it is not really arguable, yes the Xbox one can do a wider variety of things, but do people really want something that can do more while sacrificing performance in gaming? or would they prefer to get something that sacrifices features for better performance?
      The race car analogy is actually a good comparison. Yes, you can have a race car with a radio, top of the line A/C, GPS, heated seats, flashy rims and all kinds of cool features. However, all of those extra features add weight. The addition of weight affects the weight distribution and the performance of the car. So, which car will the hard core drivers choose? the one that has better handling and performance and less weight, allowing it to go faters, because they are looking for a race car, not a car that goes almost as fast but can do other things.

    • t0md0
      January 10, 2014 at 2:07 PM — Reply

      but they don’t have the same performance… the other car is faster and cheaper a la ps4.

    • Draco
      January 10, 2014 at 2:46 PM — Reply

      I did not buy my ps4 to watch YouTube, Netflix, hulu etc… I bought it to play videogames with my friends, like hard core. who turns on their video game console to watch YouTube?!!, really?!! that why I have my phone, tablet, laptop. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have the apps but all of that is just extra. Videogame consoles shouldn’t be reviewed because of their apps, it should be just for power, graphics, textures, resolution, potential. Sorry, but being happy you can watch YouTube on your console doesn’t mean you have the better console. At the end, it’s all software related, everything can be changed with an update

    • January 10, 2014 at 2:57 PM — Reply

      Considering that the PS4 supports gaming above all else, its hard to argue that claim. Is the Xbox One a gaming machine? Depends on your take. As it is now, the One has been advertised to do a lot of things other than gaming, which is good. However, even so, I don’t think the YouTube app would be as gamer oriented as Twitch. Granted, YouTube has great gaming content, such as let’s plays, but Twitch has game streams: something gamer’s can associate more of.

    • david
      January 10, 2014 at 6:37 PM — Reply

      All of you who bashed this comment are weird. Xbox is like a mustang, ps4 like a camaro, and pc is a corvette. If you call yourself a hardcore gamer you woud own a pc. If you play games on anything else you are far from hardcore. I love xbox, I agree the ps4 is more powerful and cheaper. But Imagine, you have the camaro… yeah its faster, but I can have just as much fun in my mustang. Oh, and I also have the radio, cup holders, power windows, etc. Would you rather have a bare bones camaro, or a fully loaded mustang. Be honest.

  2. Jim
    January 10, 2014 at 11:15 AM — Reply

    Problem is this isn’t 2005 where all those multimedia abilities might matter to people. These days a smart TV, cheap Android dongle, Apple TV or even a phone can do all that. All I want from a game console is the best performance for gaming.

    • Jim K
      January 12, 2014 at 8:02 AM — Reply

      Exactly, Jim… In our house we have a tablet, 2 phones, a laptop and a smart TV that does this exactly. The case for the XBox One’s media/PC-like capabilities have already been met by every other media-capable device in the house — so for anyone with modern gizmos in the house, there’s no benefit to those features in the XBO… Given the remaining features I care about, it’s only lack of DNLA on the PS4 which is a minor pisser for me (and that’s due to be added in a forthcoming update). Anyone with older devices and no smartphone can, as you say, simply put a $15 Android dongle in a spare HDMI socket and get 90% of the XBO features.

      So when you strip out the extras that only a small proportion of people will use — and are clearly not in any way unique to the XBO — then we’re left with the question of which is best for games… No one (sane) denies the PS4 wins with the better graphics, controller and development ecosystem/support.

      XB360 was far better last generation, but PS4 is a bit better this time AND cheaper too. Money spent on the PS4, no brainer.

  3. James Gamer
    January 10, 2014 at 11:28 AM — Reply

    So the reason why the One will beat the Four is gimmicks and rumble triggers? Seems legit.

    When I want to play games I play. When I want to watch tv I turn on the tv. When I want to phone someone I pick up the phone.
    Having the One to make doing all these things easier is almost cool, not cool enough judging by the sales figured.

    Sony tried being innovative with gimmicks with the PS3 and the cell processor and we know that worked out. Gaming fans don’t want gimmicks, they want a console that is fun to play and makes games look as good as possible….the masses have spoken.

  4. bradley012345
    January 10, 2014 at 11:56 AM — Reply

    I watch YouTube Crunchyroll and Netflix on my Ps3 it also has Hulu its now on the Ps4 the Ps3 tried this argument but didn’t win ” watch blue ray web browse more than just games” people complain that it wasn’t a game system so know that they step in the Xbox 360 direction people are complaining “really” the Ps4 still comes with updates for web streaming video I see no difference from the Xbox one

  5. amgize
    January 10, 2014 at 11:59 AM — Reply

    Well it seems like most, not all, of the advantages the xb1 has can be leveled with software updates, and the psnow announced isa game changer

  6. Brian S
    January 10, 2014 at 12:09 PM — Reply

    I would rather have a game system that can actually play games well. As I have about 6 different devices that can Skype, YouTube, watch tv, etc. DVRs are included with pretty well every tv subscription these days and depending on your cable/phone provider you can stream tv straight to your iPhone or android these days. And who actually uses there consoles to surf the internet, it’s at best a tedious task. And voice functionality is at best a gimmick similar to siri.

  7. Apex14
    January 10, 2014 at 12:40 PM — Reply

    Had to show some love for Sony! Ps4 FTW!! XBone sucks TV and advertisers dicks. Go with the company who is less worried about money, and more worried about YOU. The GAMER.

  8. sebastian
    January 10, 2014 at 12:42 PM — Reply

    it has been specifically said that the ps4 will get an update that will enable video capture straight from the console without needing to buy anything. plus streaming and live game streaming to twitch or u stream is a lot easier on the ps4 hence the one touch share button on dualshock 4.

    You are a very misinformed individual spreading false information about the x box one. NO! it does not stream games from pc or any other hardware.

    PS4 with more first party exclusive studios than microsoft, ps4 game streaming to Vita. The announced PS Now that CAN stream ps1 ps2 and ps3 games . Stream live TV service announced at CES. including Netflix and other on demand services. It seems that actually, the PS4 will the better all in one device than the x box one.

    include the fact that the Ps4 hardware is better than the x box one.
    as stated in your article that games already look better on the ps4 than the xbox one so early on their lifecycle.

    Include the fact that the Ps4 Is also $100 cheaper than the xbox one. your conclusion that the xbox one will defeat the ps4 is as delusional as Microsoft themselves when they were making the xbox one to compete with sony’s ps4.

    I hope that Microsoft ups their game with their xbox so it can compete healthily with the ps4. that way the consumer wins because both companies have to innovate and work hard for their potential buyers.
    but as far as defeating the ps4, no, Microsoft don’t deserve that victory,

  9. Seltzer
    January 10, 2014 at 1:05 PM — Reply

    The lackluster sales of the Xbox One when compared to the compared to the PS4, aren’t due just because of lack of marketing. As a matter of fact Microsoft has spent tons of money in marketing. And it has already marketed the XBone as a media hub for the living room. This is why the XBone looks like a VCR, they’re looking to take over the living room.

    What is making the XBone into an inferior console (despite the obvious hardware inferiority to the PS4, is the nickel and diming by Microsoft. Microsoft employs a proprietary audio port, whereas as the PS4 has a universal port (MSFT gets licensing fees). Microsoft does not include rechargeable batteries like the PS4, but they charge $25 for their Charge and Play kit (3rd parties pay a licensing few as well). They also force the Kinecy for an extra $100, which the Kinect is not worth that. Unless you live in a library, the Kinect is very unreliable with voice commands and background noise. The gestures are a total joke.

    Early adopters do thir research and are very well informed. Thus, the PS4 selling exceptionally well. As word of mouth spreads, this gap will only wide. Microsoft’s greed is what’s killing the XBone. Aside from games, I’ve spent $0 on accessories for the PS4. For the XBone, you have the headset (included headset is crap), rechargeable battery and the privacy cover for the Kinect…that’s an easy $100 more, on top of the $100 in price difference compared to the PS4.

  10. J
    January 10, 2014 at 1:10 PM — Reply

    Opinions are like ps3s, everybody has one. Ps4 will be the same

  11. January 10, 2014 at 1:39 PM — Reply

    Xbox one is awesome but they have to realize it’s in 13 countries to ps4s 45? How are they gonna keep up that way? I keep hearing ps4 is sold out maybe so but How do we know their production let’s say in the USA simply isn’t much lower than Microsoft Xbox? They are in 3x as many countries already.. All speculation but it does make sense.

  12. matt
    January 10, 2014 at 1:49 PM — Reply

    So your Xbox one is “all in one” but you have it sitting next to a ps4…. More like all but one! Microsoft skimped on the one thing I personaly think is most important when it comes to consoles…. The gaming experience! I will admit, it was nice having xfinity, HBO go, YouTube, and games all in one console. It was my xb360. But I think the focal point for moving forward on a console should have been graphical prowess and games to match. Why spend 500 on a box that organizes my apps when Google chrome came out with a plug in that does the same thing…..for 30$ if your justification for an xbox1 is you have to press one or two less buttons to go between apps then I pity you. In conclusion, myself formally being a Microsoft fan boy, believe that the ps4 is way better now and will further desperate that gap as time goes on.

    • matt
      January 10, 2014 at 1:51 PM — Reply

      *further separate that gap as time goes on*

  13. Draco
    January 10, 2014 at 2:32 PM — Reply

    everything that the ps4 is missing is just software related, everything can be fixed with just an update. It will get better, same happened with the ps3

  14. Apex14
    January 10, 2014 at 2:50 PM — Reply

    Was just talking about this the other day. Back when I was a kid, when you bought a console, you got what was in the box. If there was something wrong, well that’s something you put on the wishlist for the next gen. With today’s consoles, they can constantly evolve because of the incorporation of “Firmware”. They can literally change the way the console works from thousands of miles away. Simply amazing! I’m only 24, but with today’s accelerating progress, I already feel like I’m 45!

  15. Apex14
    January 10, 2014 at 2:54 PM — Reply

    Let’s hope they can decelerate aging at the same pace…

  16. James Gamer
    January 10, 2014 at 3:18 PM — Reply

    Playstation is superior and the author and the rest of the Microsoft fanboys cannot deny it any longer.

    Recently many Xbox fans have been quick to point out that the sales figures regarding the Four are higher because it’s in more countries and came out a week earlier. Okay, almost valid but consider this;

    The Xbox 360 came out almost a full year (11 months, 2 weeks) before the PS3 and for the longest time (32 months straight) was leading that console war. Operative word here is WAS, because the PS3 has finally overtaken the 360 in total sales.

    Sony has always had a better product and Sony fans have always known it.

    • January 13, 2014 at 3:47 PM — Reply

      I think if I was a Microsoft fanboy I wouldn’t highlight that the PS4 graphics are better 😉

  17. R
    January 10, 2014 at 4:46 PM — Reply

    Awkward. Playstation owners will soon be able to watch Dish Tv Content on the console and he forgot to mention that the ps4 can connect to pretty much anything that supports bluetooth.

  18. Chad
    January 10, 2014 at 4:47 PM — Reply

    But you have to remember, Xbone is out in all their main target areas, PS4 doesn’t release until Feb 22 in Japan, Sony’s home market. Do the math.

  19. JeremyJ
    January 11, 2014 at 12:18 PM — Reply

    I think you have some very valid points and its basically the same argument I hear from people who love xbox. But here is my weigh in.

    Everything you mentioned, minus connecting other devices and hooking your tv directly into the xbox, can be done on the PS4. The difference is you can’t voice control it. Do I care about the few seconds voice control might save from using the controller? Not so much. I’m not that lazy that I can’t move the control stick and click a few buttons. To me voice control is a gimmick and one that doesn’t work all that well. My kids have the xbox one so I’ve watched them play it. I’ve played it myself. Everytime I try to use this voice system it messes up. I’ve seen it recognize people as they walk in the room. Quite impressive. I’ve also seen it sign in the wrong person more than once. Oops!

    I love to play games. I want a system that can give me the most immersive and realistic game experience possible. All these other things, to me, detract from that. Just give me awesome games and I’m happy. I guess if it’s about knowing when your friends get on, social connection, and media control… that stuff… then xbox is for you. PS4 is for the people who want to just play the game to its very limit. That is evidenced in the fixes that have been made, especially to the controller, on the new system. Sony really listened to their people and has made a system for them.

    So for now I remain a die hard PS4 guy. Maybe someday Microsoft will wow me, but until then…

  20. Franklyn
    January 11, 2014 at 11:54 PM — Reply

    This is the most retarded article I’ve ever read. Both machines are damn near identical stop the bullshit about PS4 being more powerful, it’s only marginally more powerful if one could even say that. The reason some games were developed at 1080p on the PS4 and not on the Xbox one means nothing. Xbox one can handle everything the PS4 can. Same like when the Xbox 360 and ps3 came out that Madden the first year ran at 1080p on the Xbox 360 but only 720p on the ps3 just because they developed it that way that year. By the second and third year no one could tell the difference, games looked identical on both. Same will happen here by next year games will look identical on both consoles. I used to love PlayStation but the truth is that Xbox live is far ahead in the online gaming category and everything else it brings then the crappy psn and before the excuse was that it was free, well it’s not anymore. I had both systems last generation and eventually sold my ps3 because it would never be used. Online was atrocious on psn especially once you got used to Xbox live. I’ve always had fiber optics connection at 30mbps now at 50 Mbps but it didn’t matter psn just sucked. There was a reason why psn was free because it sucked and it was a complete lagfest. Most friends that were diehard PlayStation fans got the Xbox 360 and eventually sold or stopped using their PlayStation because Xbox live was so good and ran so smooth. So now this generation Sony still doesn’t have dedicated servers but Xbox live has added over 100,000 more dedicated servers to their service. It’s on another league. The 4.3 million sold is also irrelevant because it was sold in like 40+ countries. The 3 million plus sold by Xbox one were for only 13 countries. Let’s stop the bullshit folks.

  21. VictorOne :)
    January 13, 2014 at 6:33 AM — Reply

    Always funny to see that people don´t read the whole article.

    As I understand it the development kit for the PS4 has been out for a longer time than the Xbone one. The games developed when previous generation was released is far from what the games released now are (for the same platforms). The performance difference is minor and will most likely not be noticeable in the future.

    There are also comments like “I have 6 devices that can watch Netflix…”. You kind of missed the point with the article since it points out that you don´t need those and in addition you also get the content directly to your TV that has a bigger screen then your phone. For me it will be easier to teach my wife and kids to use one device rather than a multitude of devices. They can have issues with swapping source, turn on blue ray player, find and then start the Netflix app. I guess many of the features and apps on the XBone will be available on the PS4 in the future as well.

    For me having one device doing all is better than having a multitude of devices and that is what the article was about, not the best gaming platform.

    Get whatever platform suits you, they will both be great.

  22. John
    January 23, 2014 at 8:53 PM — Reply

    I love my 1…turn it on everyday…I watched the 360 grow…I will watch the one grow…I even tried to switch. Yes indeed the ps3 looked sharper. The game play sucked. I say it will happen the same way this time around. Ps4 will sell fast slow down towards the end. Then silly people will buy the one. Most of time spent last time around was played on 360 til the end. The car analogy….good idea bad execution. Those cars u describe people can’t and haven’t driven. Get behind the wheel of the car with more options. If u just go fast all the time. The speed will no longer be fast as u will look for more. I can’t say anything bad about ps4 because I never drove it. But who doesn’t like options. People love options lol when you buy a car do you spend all the time looking at the speedometer or do you look around see what it got and what it do………options

  23. SonyFanboy Fagola
    March 19, 2014 at 5:58 PM — Reply

    I can’t count how many comments say “the ps4 will eventually get all the updates and blah blah blah”. Well sure it will, but do you actually think the xbox1 also won’t? Last gen MS’s updates were leaps & bounds better then Sony’s, it will be the same this gen. What it all boils down to is 3 things, exclusive games, online multiplayer/community, future innovations via upgrades. And everyone knows who wins in all three of those depts. MS Xbox one, hands down.

  24. Scott
    April 19, 2014 at 9:26 AM — Reply

    X boxes are shit since day 1 who the fuck reli wants haptic feed back on buttons it passes me off wif my doin haptic feed back jus 2 let me knw I pressed my screen it’s a shit feature an thy need built in rechargeable battery like playstation 4 an the ps4 is nothing like a Ps3 4 starters it has no media playback (shit) otha than dvd an blu-ray (sucks ass) bu evrythin else is fun an the way gaming shud b. I dnt wan2 play my ps4 or watch t.v thru an xbox cos either way ya cnt change channel wifout ur sky or virgin or talktalk remote so it is a pointless piece of plastic I mean it looks like an 80’s vcr

  25. Jordan
    May 9, 2014 at 6:00 PM — Reply

    “John” is a retard

  26. Shifty_966
    May 10, 2014 at 7:21 AM — Reply

    Miscrosoft will never have the ability to build a worthwhile console for people to truly enjoy 1 reason why xbone is shit “American” if you want something done right the japs and Chinese are the people you want to buy from. Xbone big down fall makin the.control vibrate every time you press a button an also have to connect to Internet every day so it don’t fail with loads of unfinished hiccups that haunt anything Microsoft even Nokia an HTC windows phones are shit, apple.would of had a better battle if they ever thought about creating a console, I had never heard zune which is like 15 years old an nowhere near as popular as the iPhone an iTunes. Microsoft suck man only thing their good for is server’s Microsoft’s only real advantage I’ve been everywhere played both machines an PlayStation 4 is sublime everything is seconds an fun an looks amazingly beautiful.

  27. Shifty_966
    May 10, 2014 at 7:51 AM — Reply

    Oh another thing playstation 3 used to be an actual live air t.v receiver the console itself allowed you to watch live air t.v from a little receiver an it also.used to allow you to record a programme while watching a programme so Microsoft sayin there machine is all-in-one.why is it that it doesn’t do what the predecessor of the playstation 4, also having to pay for.gold membership just so you can use Skype an any other app that is free on playstation 4 hah I don’t think so I would rather pay for multi-player any day with 12 free games a year sorry 36 free games a year 12 on Ps3 12 on Ps4 an 12 on the PS Vita, what do you get for bein a member of xbox live gaming points WoW not its pointless because you can’t spend them…

    Forza has been ruined titanfall looks wasteful an all cross platform games look an play better on playstation 4.

    I’m not biased at all I have had xbox 360 super slim elite model took it home played black ops 2 tried halo an gears of war 3 prefer God Of War, infamous an cross platform games agen better ps3 ahahahahaha..

    I would much prefer my full HD sky t.v to watch directly from insted of xbone because it only views 720p as standard through the HDMI input, screw that…

  28. yesica
    May 27, 2014 at 12:31 PM — Reply

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  29. Jahque Barconey
    June 6, 2014 at 8:53 PM — Reply

    Netflix,Internet Explorer, Youtube & other apps are free it started on June
    Biiiiiitttchhh Asss Hattters hating on XBOX ONE

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