Why The Xbox One Can Defeat The PlayStation 4

I would like to start this piece by saying that I own both a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. I enjoy both very much and I am happy I decided to get both. After playing with both consoles for the past one month+ I have noticed some pretty big differences between the two consoles. The Xbox One controller has vibrating triggers that help make games feel more realistic, which the PlayStation 4 lacks. The PlayStation 4 has a touchpad that adds easy access to functions in games such as Killzone: Shadow Fall, and the Xbox One does not have this. Yet the most notable difference between the two consoles is that the PlayStation 4 has better textures and graphics than the Xbox One.

Give me a moment to expand on the graphical difference between the two. Games on the PlayStation 4 look amazing. Games on the Xbox One look amazing too, just not as amazing. For games that both consoles run at 1080p, I can’t notice any big variance except for maybe the Xbox One version looking less saturated. What I do notice is the games that run on both consoles, but at a higher resolution on the PlayStation 4. Call of Duty on PlayStation 4 and Call of Duty on Xbox One look very different. The same goes for Battlefield 4. The PlayStation 4 version of the games, especially Battlefield, looks sharper. The PlayStation 4 is $400 USD, while on the other hand the Xbox One is a whopping $500 USD. So you, the reader, are probably thinking right now “If the PlayStation 4 is better and more cheap than the Xbox One how can the Xbox One possibly beat it?” Well, here is the answer.

One. All-in-one. The Xbox One really is an all-in-one device and that was the incentive for me to buy it. I often find myself annoyed from having to use my desktop for one thing, then my laptop for another, then my Wii U to play this game, then my PlayStation 4 for that game, then my TV to watch this thing, then Hulu to watch that thing, then Netflix to watch those shows, then (please save me) my phone to Skype my friend, then my desktop to stream games. The Xbox One can take that drag-on sentence and make it three words. All-in-one.

Right now Microsoft is campaigning the Xbox One as that device, but not as well as they could be. The current ads may include these different functions, such as the spot where a woman switches the TV straight to the dashboard and starts playing Dead Rising 3, but they don’t yet include a reason to spend $500. Now say they had a commercial with someone using their PC to stream games from another console (Wii U maybe), then had a Skype call with their friend, and after went and played an Xbox 360 game. After playing the 360, the person would then be torn to watch a sports game on TV or continue playing. But not anymore. The Xbox One will save you both money and compromise. No longer will you have to spend money on capture cards and streaming software. No longer will you have to video chat on your phone. No longer will you have to play video games, then watch the game, then play games again. You can do it all on Xbox One.

I have a friend, who used to lean more towards Sony than Microsoft. He often said it was because PlayStation was higher quality and had superior hardware. He got an Xbox One. The reason for John (lets call my friend John) making this decision is because he avoided spending $200 on a decent capture card and, while doing so, combined everything he would want to do with technology into one piece of hardware. Now I know that John is just one person, but if the common consumer thinks the same way, Xbox One sales could go way up. Can PlayStation 4 watch TV? No. Can PlayStation 4 connect external devices to itself via HDMI? No. Can PlayStation 4 handle the Xbox One?

That is up to Microsoft. So far PlayStation 4 has more than handled the Xbox One. These next twelve months will make or break the reputation of the Xbox One. If Microsoft can campaign this right, it will give consumers a reason to choose the Xbox One. Holiday 2015 is going to mean a lot to this generation, and to the future of Microsoft. As you can see it’s very possible to campaign the console with a higher price tag as a console that will save you money and make your life simpler. The Xbox One has the potential to beat the PlayStation 4. Round one of the battle was global sales to this date. Sony has sold 4.2 million PlayStation 4s, Microsoft has sold over 3 million Xbox Ones. Sony may have won the battle, but will they win the war?

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Alexander Maier

Alexander Maier

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