Rayman Legends PS4/ Xbox One Arrive Earlier + More Details

Ubisoft has officially confirmed that Rayman Legends will indeed be released a week early from February 25th and 28th in North America and Europe to February 18th and 20th. Ubisoft has released new info about the additional upgrades for the PS4 and Xbox One versions and they can be viewed below.

The power behind the Xbox One and the PS4 allows us to display the game’s textures without any compression on these consoles. This makes the game’s visuals even sharper than before and will allow players to see even more of the details and nuances our artists put into the textures of the game. These uncompressed textures highlight the hand-drawn style of the game’s visuals.

The enhanced power of these new consoles has also allowed us to do away with the loading times when entering or exiting a level. Jumping inside a painting will now start the level immediately. Jumping in and out of a level has never been faster and it’s a great feeling to have such a seamless experience. Navigating in the game now feels smoother and your gaming experience is never stopped by loading transitions.

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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

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