1st Wave Of New Killzone: Shadow Fall Maps Revealed

Guerrilla Games made an early promise to Killzone: Shadow Fall fans that they wouldn’t inadvertently bring apartheid to the community by offering future map packs at a cost to players. Today GG revealed the first two maps that’ll expand Killzone: Shadow Fall’s current 10 count of playable multiplayer maps.

The Cruiser is a close-to-mid-range battlefield that takes place on an ISA cruiser as its name suggests; to dominate this map you’ll need to control the vantage points of this very claustrophobic environment. [Seen Below]


The Hanger is suited near one of the Helghast’s huge mining spires and offers the space KZ Scout class players have been asking for. The map is also said to contain many alternative routes to balance the sniper-friendliness of it. [Seen Below]


via – PS Blog

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