Flappy Bird Getting Removed From The App Store

Dong Nguyen, Flappy Bird’s developer has just announced on Twitter that he’s removing the game from the App Store and Google Play (the only two platforms its available on) for unspecified reasons. The latest app craze, Flappy Bird, frustrates many due to its troll like difficulty and runner inspired gameplay where users only compete for bragging rights and a high score. The nameless “Flappy Bird” must maneuver through sets of Mario-esque green pipes to rack up points. It was said recently that Flappy Bird began generating $50k per day from user activity; maybe Dong doesn’t like his new cash flow. Dong Nguyen went on to say via Twitter that he isn’t removing the game due to legal issues, he “can’t take this anymore” and “cannot keep it anymore”.


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Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown

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