The LEGO Movie Review: The Best animated film of 2014!


There is something that I can promise you, the reader, right now. At some point in your life, you played with Legos.  It didn’t matter if you followed the instructions or

Batman (Will Arnett)  and Emmet ( Chris Patt) ready to kick butt!

Batman (Will Arnett) and Emmet ( Chris Patt) ready to kick butt!

combined bricks to make your own creations. All that matters is that you played them.  People around the world have built fascinating, fully scaled creations with the wonderful blocks.  They’re a toy on par with the greatness of franchises like Transformers, G.I Joe, and Power Rangers. Through their toys , television series’, movies, and video games, they’ve been able to maintain their identity in an ever-changing entertainment industry

Meet the world of Bricktopia. A world of limited animation where everyone looks the same but does different things, according tot heir instruction. For Emmet, he is just an average construction worker, constantly working his job, following his instruction manuals (which are a lot like real-life paper instructions.) It’s just an ordinary life in an ordinary city going through the routines. But one shift, something amazing happens and he embarks on a crazy adventure with different worlds and many characters. Over time, he discovers something he has missed all along and with that, he can change everything!

The story serves as a great life-lesson. Quit making the world as it should be an build it to your own imagination, no matter how strange an idea might be. The world is as limited as your imagination. Why focus on the instruction when you can create your own path? Coupled with terrific voice acting, great animation, and solid set up, it makes for an enjoyable adventure. I won’t want to reveal much but be prepared for great moments and surprises along the way.

The characters are all memorable and while familiar, they seem to break away from being generic and predictable, thanks to the story and the visuals. Emmet, WildStyle, The Wizard, Lord Business, and even Batman all have their interesting characteristics, done so in a way that is fun and not incredibly serious.   This is all supported by the fantastic voice work done by multiple personalities. Morgan Freeman, Chris Patt, Will Farell, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Neeson and Will Arnett all lend their voices and voice talents extremely well, breathing life into their characters. There is even more excellent cast choices but to avoid spoilers, I’ll leave it to you, the reader, to find out. For everyone, especially Batman and Vitruvius, it brings out this interesting, simple, dorky, and fun portrayal of individuals that know their limitations, and even make fun of them.

It’s presentation is absolutely incredible. Most of it is stop motion animation with a dose of CGI here and there. One of the co-directors actually was the chief director on the wildly popular stop-motion animation series, Robot Chicken. If you’ve seen a few episodes of that, then you have a sense of how this movie will flow. It’s used extremely well with a lot of color and dimension. It can be a trick of the eyes at first, especially with the very kinetic action moments that occur. But after awhile, you get used to the motions. The music is incredibly fitting to the quirky and open world of LEGO, and you’ll be jamming to the main title, “Everything is awesome” long after the film ends.


There really isn’t anything that I find clearly wrong with The LEGO Movie. The right talent correctly adapted the franchise and with great voice talent, created an

Superman (Channing Tatum) The Mermaid Girl, and Lego Knights!

Superman (Channing Tatum) The Mermaid Girl, and Lego Knights!

incredibly memorable movie! The only drawbacks I have is that there weren’t more characters seen.  LEGO has “legofied” various franchises which include Harry Potter, MARVEL, and Star Wars. I’m certain well see more in the future, especially along those lines. As of this writing, advanced ticket sales are so high, they’ve beat out Disney’s Frozen and Despicable Me. In addition, Warner Bros Pictures has already greenlit a sequel.

 The LEGO Movie is incredibly colorful, creative, witty, and with charm. It’s funny and mesmerizing for , literally, audiences of any ages. And by the end, it has a great lesson to teach. As I was walking out of the theater, I was laughing and in good spirits. With all of these great traits and an incredibly stop-motion mechanic, The LEGO Movie is an absolute must-see with anyone, for anyone, for everyone. I’m already declaring it the best animated film of 2014! Go build like crazy and break the walls around you!

 Score: 5/5      

The Lego Movie is distributed by Warner Bros. Picture and Village Roadshow Pictures. It’s running time is approximately 90 Minutes.

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