Watch_Dogs to be Released Between April-June..Except for Wii U

Yesterday, during their third quarter earnings call Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot confirmed that Watch_Dogs will be released within the first fiscal quarter of 2014, which runs between April and June. While this doesn’t provide the release date that we have all been waiting for with baited breath since the game’s delay from its original release window last Fall it at least gives us the assurance that we won’t have to wait until this Fall to experience what was one of the first hints of what the post PS3 and 360 world would have to offer when it debuted at E3 2012.

Some less positive news was also announced by Guillemot, that the Wii U version of Watch_Dogs will be released after the other platforms’. When that will be no-one knows, looking at the Fall lineup for Nintendo’s console would make me think that would be a logical guess to keep some momentum going for the console until years end. But if it were to be sooner than this November I wouldn’t complain, as the Wii U desperately needs some third party love.


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Eliot Rolen

Eliot Rolen

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