Introducing the future of Music Games: Chroma

The developers of the legendary RockBand franchise, Harmonix, announced a brand new game unlike any we’ve seen before. Adapting to the trends and popular happenings of today, it IS a first-person shooter. However, this is not another tale of human suffering, terrorism, or government conspiracy. The sounds of guns, the explosions of grendades, the dispatching of enemy foes are all replaced by the sound of music. Plastic instruments and fret buttons are now past. The future has arrived in the form of Chroma. ¬†Announced earlier today, Chroma is a first-person music shooter currently in development at Harmonix. It’s announcement trailer is infectiously ambitious as it features large, digital areans and weapons materializing right in front of players. THe weapons emit pulsating sounds of music. In this trailer, we can cealry hear the bass drop to the sounds of dubsetp. it is expected other sounds will be featured.


Harmonix is currently taking sign-ups for Alpha testing. This is a multiplayer-class arena shooter scheduled to be released sometime in 2014 for Steam users on PC platforms. Here’s to hoping it eventually makes its way to consoles! Check out the trailer below!



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