Strike Suit Zero: Directors Cut Is Blasting Onto the Xbox One and PS4

One of my most cherished games of the Playstation era was Colony Wars, which offered the spectacle of the Tie Fighter and X-Wing days of ole with more fluid controls and a non-linear storyline (mindblowing in its day). Strike Suit Zero: Directors Cut looks like it’s going to scratch that itch quite satisfyingly..although I’m not quite sure if the narrative will swoop to quite so ambitious heights, but hey, Colony Wars’ spaceships didn’t transform into Xenogears-like robots, so we’re even. Strike Suit Zero has already been released on the PC, but like Tomb Raider it’s developers are going to give its textures, lighting and even its storytelling another layer of polish. This updated version will also be routed to the PC, but no word yet as to when, or exactly what day in March you’ll be able to play it on our PS4s or Xbox Ones.

Here is the announcement trailer:


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Eliot Rolen

Eliot Rolen

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