Over Three Minutes of Infamous: Second Son Gameplay Footage

A Russian site has just released footage for Infamous: Second Son which showcases Delsin Rowe’s neon powers during nighttime. The graphics look strikingly crisp, and there are various small touches that make the scenes pop. The colors in Second Son really stand out, and the way his neon powers illuminate the city is pretty spectacular. The only caveat I have thus far, and I am hoping it’s only in this section of the game, is that the world seems dead. The previous games had populated locales, so I hope this iteration is just as lively.

Many believe Infamous: Second Son will be Sony’s first Next Gen system seller, but it faces some stiff competition in Titanfall. Will you be buying Infamous: Second Son on release date? Look forward to further coverage from us as the game nears release.

Infamous: Second Son is a Playstation 4 exclusive and will be released on March 21st, 2014.

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