Godzilla Gets A Stompingly Awesome New Trailer

While we have been on pins and needles about this film for almost a year, hoping against hope that it will be able to meet the bar set by Pacific Rim at the very least, this trailer will put your mind to rest. What I thought would only turn out to be a simple case of a destructive lizard wrecking havoc through civilization for the hell of it the possibility of him fighting other monsters, and us being terrorized by them is an interesting new angle. I do hope that I’m not groaning in dismay when they reveal that Godzilla will be ¬†converted to our cause to help fight against the other beasties, but maybe that won’t happen, and either way, its pretty safe to expect that even if it does, it will result in hugely badass monster on monster carnage. Also, Brian Cranston is in it.

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Eliot Rolen

Eliot Rolen

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