Fez Is Making Its Way To Sony Platforms On March 25th

Fez is a 2-D puzzle (heavy emphasis on puzzle) platformer that is set in a 3-D world. As Gomez, you must traverse the world solving puzzles that increase in complexity as you progress. The 3-D worlds comes into play when you reach the side of the platform, the view switches and new platforms and pitfalls emerge. The game is lauded for its lack of true fail state, its instantaneous respawn after death and its complex puzzles. Porting the game to last-gen platforms provides negligible differences to the game, but that’s not to be said for the PS4 port.

The PS4 port makes use of the light bar, features a sweet 1080p 60 frames per second and will be one of the few games that takes advantage of PS4’s 3D capabilities. If this doesn’t spur a purchase the fact that the game is cross-save and cross-buy across all Sony platforms should.

Two years after being released on Xbox Live and a year after releasing on PC, the highly acclaimed platformer is landing on PS3, PS4 and Vita for the price of $9.99 for Plus members and $12.99 for non-Plus members during launch week.

Fez was developed by Polytron and the port was handled by BlitWorks.

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