Introducing PLAY by Dual Pixels

It has been a long time in development but we’re finally ready to take something special off the back-burner. Introducing, PLAY by Dual Pixels. PLAY is Dual Pixels’s clothing collection we’re launching this Summer that is undoubtedly the beginning of the first clothing brand to truly embrace gaming culture. Dual Pixels’s hometown of NYC/Brooklyn has gave birth to many brands looking to get their creative touch on the fashion industry. We’re taking the initiative by bringing a level of product and design not only gamers can embrace but all, casual and dedicated. Here in New York where the most respectable streetwear brands in the game (no pun intended) SUPREME, BAPE, Billionaire Boys Club, Stussy, and more dominate, you have to be bold to even attempt to compete with their reputation.


Sure, there’s many gaming threads and merchandise out there but nothing that has honestly upped the echelon of design and product that could be achieved behind the inspiration of the gaming universe. Dual Pixels friend and partner, Connie Johnson (, has collaborated with us on this project, she has over 20-years of experience within the fashion industry. Magic? New York Fashion week? She’s lived it for many of her biggest clients such as Ralph Lauren.


We’re currently working on our Spring/Summer 2014 trial collection that’s slated to drop within the late May/early June timeframe. Thank you for your continued support of Dual Pixels as we journey into this new venture.


Facebook – PLAY by Dual Pixels

Instagram – @PlayByDP

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Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown

I don’t want to bore you guys with the chatter but I’m Brandon, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Dual Pixels. I’ve always worked towards making Dual Pixels a fun entertainment media outlet without the stiff collars and nose in the air approach.