Lepow Moonstone 9000mAh Review

How many times have you been out and your iPhone died on you just before you got that picture with Rihanna for Instagram?


Didn’t expect an answer for that, but nevertheless, you have been out and constantly frustrated with the inadequate life capacity of your smartphone. As an avid listener of music my phone dies twice as fast thanks to the extra battery output required to take my ears and mind away from the world. Lepow sent us a solution, their sleek Moonstone power bank that’s easy on the eyes but heavy on the battery (in a good way).


1440mAh is the capacity of the iPhone 5 which translates into about 3-4 hours of continuous usage for me. Because Apple doesn’t pay much attention to the effect their iPhone updates have on the device’s battery life, whatever estimates you’re used to hearing about its life expectancy are subject to change with short or no notice. The Moonstone power bank at 9000mAh can mathematically charge your iPhone at least 6 times before you deplete its battery capacity. Pretty lengthy if you ask me.


The Moonstone seems like a device that’s targeted at women with its glossy sleek multicolored rounded edges, small enough to fit in your hand and likely perfect for a shoulder bag but anyone could use it. It features two separate charge modes, one faster than the other with the ports being optimized for charging particular devices. This power bank will take roughly 8-9 hours to fully charge and it has four indicator lights, each 25%, to let you know your battery capacity. Realistically after using the Moonstone I’d say I get five thorough charges and then some; consider that I’m a heavy user who’s going to play music and text people while my iPhone 5 is charging. Very conveniently, the device shuts down when inactive so that your extra power doesn’t leak into the world. The Moonstone is so small I’ve walked a couple miles with it in my jacket pocket while browsing the web and it wasn’t bulky or annoying but still probably not as convenient as a Mophie. Still, it’s hard to beat a 9K mAh battery that’s there for you when perhaps the power goes out, during a road trip, late nights with friends, and plenty other scenarios.


There’s not much more I can say positive about Lepow’s Moonstone other than you should buy one now! Amazon has a sweet deal — for only $39.99 the Lepow Moonstone 9000mAh will drastically increase the reliability of your device’s, and at half-price the Lepow Moonstone 6000mAh can quadruple your iPhone 5’s battery (my device of use) for only $19.99.


Lepow 9000mAh on Amazon:

Lepow 6000mAh on Amazon:


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