Naztech iPad Air Sleek Portfolio Case Review

We recently got a hold of Naztech’s Sleek Portfolio iPad Air case that comes equipped with a keyboard for those of you afraid to part with your laptop. Increasingly we require portable but capable devices in our lives to fit the 21st century society that is always connected. The technology ecosystem never sleeps, it’s like New York without the smelly train stations. But ironically that’s where you’d probably end up with Naztech’s handy case that features an excellent Bluetooth keyboard to finish the boss’s extremely important presentation right before you get to work.


The Sleek Portfolio is one of many iPad Cases but one of the few to include a full QWERTY keyboard as its main attraction. Overall it features a leather exterior that’s smooth to the touch protecting the device from any scuffs and scratches. Right off the back if you’re looking for an iPad Air case to counter your cumbersome drops or something childproof Naztech’s case isn’t for you. The Sleek Portfolio was catered towards the business man/woman, who look to complete work and enjoy the leisure of a good movie perhaps in the midst of a flight.


The Sleek Portfolio keyboard, being the center of attention, is comfortable and convenient as magnets secure it to the case body but you’re able to untether the keyboard with a maximum range of 10 meters. Realistically, there’s no reason why I’d be typing 10 meters away from my iPad and neither do I see you doing the same. One scenario I can think of for the sure detaching the keyboard is if they have the iPad connected to a display or for cleaning. The case isn’t something you should expect to stop bullets or a survive a drop down the stairs but the leather housing and magnetic latch enclosing the device feels sufficient to prevent the iPad Air from sliding out. Without the keyboard the case feels much less secure because of the positioning of the latch was intended to house the keyboard and device; it is much less wider with only the iPad, not to say he keyboard is huge. It’s a good size.


Naztech’s Sleek Portfolio features its own lithium ion battery, it does not power via the iPad. The keyboard takes 2-3 hours to charge, and lasts a whopping 120 hours (according to the company). I haven’t had nearly 120 hours using the case but with the hours that I’ve used it it’s been hitch free making typing on the iPad much more feasible. To conclude this review I won’t be giving this device a score. If you’re a traveler/employee who uses an iPad for business, that also likes to catch a movie in between their workload this case is for you. The slim design, comfortable grip, and responsive keyboard will ease you away from your bulky laptop.


Purchase it here at Naztech for $99.99:

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