Walmart Is Going To Start Selling Used Games Soon

A new challenger approaches GameStop’s huge stake in the used games market as Walmart will be selling used games themselves soon. According to a report by CNN, on March 26th Walmart will be launching their used games, buy/sell/trade market, at over 3100 locations in the US. It doesn’t seem as if Walmart will offer cash in return of your precious gaming commodities however they will offer gift cards in which can be used at and Sams Club for everything including groceries jewelry and gas. If you’re looking to get that extra $20 on pump 5, make sure you have an extra copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS4 handy. Walmart will be offering up to $35 on used titles only from the holy trinity of gaming (Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony), depending on the age of the title and, we assume, the condition. Available to ages 18 & over.

Thanks CNN

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