Improving Your Brain By Playing Games!

As we all grow older our brain continues to degrade into poop! If you’re a competitive gamer having your brain operate at the highest level is important. Games like Street Fighter, Battlefield, Starcraft II, all demand wired reflexes, problem solving, speed, flexibility, the list goes on and on. The bottom line is you need to stay as sharp as a [email protected]#%king samurai sword. And theres a way to maintain and improve the performance of your brain by simply playing games. In this video below I discuss how using Lumosity is the smartest decision and investment you can make for your brain.

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Gabriel Olivero

Gabriel Olivero

You just got hit with the unrelenting force that is my bio. I enjoy all forms video game entertainment and own all handhelds and consoles. My favorite types of games are RPG’s because of the depth of the stories and the characters they center around. Some of my favorite games/series are Pokemon, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, MineCraft, Monster Hunter, .Hack, Fire Emblem, JoJo and the Tales Of series.

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