NoScope Gaming Glasses Provide An Affordable Competitive Edge

NoScope Glasses has released their latest product they’ve dubbed the “Demon Series”, and it does us all a solid by being the first affordable gaming glasses on the market. Traditionally, gaming glasses are preserved for the elite who intend to filter out unnecessary “light noise” admitted from electronic devices such as computer, gaming, and television displays. That can really strain your eyes. There’s many ways this seemingly simple invention can help you with games: for one, if you’re not suffering from migraines after your Titanfall or COD: Ghosts marathons you’ll be budgeting less money on the Tylenol that’s probably stashed next to your consoles — please avoid them things at all costs SERIOUSLY. The yellow tint on the Demon Series glasses are also beneficial in improving color contrast; meaning less “is that an empty container or C4” moments.


I’m personally excited for the NoScope Glasses “Demon Series” because they’ll only run you about $19.99. Typically gaming glasses, you’d probably see pros in MLG wearing can run you up to $99.99, the average cost of designer lenses at your optometry office.

Orders also come with a free micro-fiber cleaning cloth and leather carrying pouch. You can check them out here:

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Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown

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