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EA Sport’s UFC is coming along, albeit we still haven’t seen an inkling of actual gameplay, but they are trickling information out via dev diaries. The past couple weeks we’ve seen various fighters animated in the Octagon and stills of the expanding roster that is said to have close to 100 fighters. The latest dev diary, Feel The Fight, provides insight into the mechanics of MMA. This Dev Diary deals with making the fight feel more real than ever before. The promises of precision movement, full-body deformation, real damage and exertion is great and would be a welcomed addition to the genre; but until we see some actual gameplay, they are just nice PR buzz words. And even if the game looks stunning and all these features work out as promised, the control scheme for the stand-up and ground game has to be the real deal. The last MMA game by EA (EA MMA), although it was by a different studio, had some pretty lackluster controls. With the power behind the UFC Brand, this game could be huge. Is it too much to ask for just a little bit more info though?

The lack of footage is a bit alarming, but if EA Sports can pull it off, UFC fans will be more than ready to pony up the money. Let’s just hope this game is released before the fabled Rousey v. Cyborg fight happens because if not, we may have years to wait.

Enjoy the Dev diary below.

UFC is set to release some time this Spring on Playstation 4 and Xbox One and will be reviewed right here on Dual Pixels.

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