Magellan’s SmartGPS 5390 Brings The Cloud To Car Navigation

Today Magellan announced their latest product the SmartGPS 5390 that’s changing the road with the power of the cloud. Behind the 5″ SmartGPS 5390, Magellan has developed a cloud connected ecosystem between your Android/iOS smartphones, Computer, tablets, and the SmartGPS itself. Magellan’s main attraction here is the price-point of their SmartGPS; unlike traditional in-dash GPS solutions the 5390 won’t cost you a kidney. At only $229.99 you get this portable navigation device that’s integrated with Yelp and FourSquare’s user reviews if you’re feeling adventurous. A few more handy features including PhantomALERT red-light camera notices, weather reports, gas prices, and traffic conditions will make more driving experience much more efficient, most importantly FREE of subscription or data plans.

Software aside, the SmartGPS 5390 packs a 1GHZ A8 processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, micro-SD support, and 4GB on-board memory behind its 5″ LCD display.

In the demonstration video below Magellan shows how you can bookmark your favorite spots across various devices so they’re at your disposal without much intervention.

Check it out here:

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  1. March 28, 2014 at 6:22 PM — Reply

    Ohhh will this ever come to Australia. It’s perfect for our conditions here. Where do i sign up ? 🙂

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