Get a Look at Enemy Front, the new WWII shooter

City Interactive, the team that has brought you such solid games as Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, Alien Rage, and the upcoming Lords of the Fallen, have unveiled the very first game play trailer for their newest game, Enemy Front. Described as the first truly modern WWII shooter, Enemy Front puts you behind enemy lines as an American correspondent covering all the major happenings and events throughout Europe during WWII. From resistance fighting to France to other locales, players are granted complete, open sandbox styled game play, allowing the player to take on his objective in whichever which way he chooses. So essentially, it appears to be Far Cry set in WWII.

The trailer shows off some impressive game play which involves stealth full-action, human shields, sabotage, and even using the environment. Specifically, I liked the part when the player used the sniper rifle to shoot the tire off a truck, sending it downhill and crashing into a an area of soldiers.  The game doesn’t forget it’s roots and it does show slow-motion bullet camera angle, demonstrating it’s attention to detail and brutal accuracy. The shooting play and close-quarters combat hold up pretty well.  If you like what you see below, GAMESTOP is holding several pre-order bonuses. The game ships out on 6.10.2014.

Personally, it has been awhile since I have kicked Nazi butt in a new game.  Most recently, I discovered a gem of a video game called The Saboteur. That particular game is an absolute blast but as it was released in the Summer of 2009, I can’t wait to fight them in a more modern approach. Sniper Elite V2 is another great one released in 2012 but it focuses exclusively on sniping, stealth, and infiltration. In comparison, Enemy Front is still worth checking out.



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